Friday, May 30, 2014

Life Update.

Hi humans! June holiday is finally here for some people!!! And yes, SOME. This is because June holiday we still need to go back to school for more education :( Life as a graduating students..... 

Anyway, got back my report book today. Quite shock that i'm top 5 in class despite my result is like shit.... Recently, my mood is damn low. Low like negative.....1000+ and also i get annoyed and angry easily nowaday. I don't even know why.....probably because i need to stay back like almost everyday and my life routine is just.....mess up. 

Everyday back home, i can't do anything but just sleep because i'm so freaking tired. Plus, going to school is annoying, everyday heard teacher nag and at home also get nag. I feel so stress up and annoyed when they nag that it turn out to have other effect on me such as, don't care everything. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dessert :)

Hey, what's up! :D Went to buy ingredient the other day for my FNN practical and went shopping with mum and brother! And i bought one pair of high heel which is so adorable because it have ribbon on the front. It kinds of remind me of Snow White high heel, it just that mine is in black colour. Will show you the shoes other day because my phone memory is full and i can't take any pictures :( 

So the pictures here is all taken by my sister :) 

Anyway, we went Hougang mall to eat mc donald which we only ate the dessert :) Because somehow, we were not hungry. And we meet sister there so that we can eat so called "dinner" together :) 

It is pure perfection and heaven :D 
I kind of love it :) 

Plus, having dessert is awesome when you are freaking stress :)
Hope i won't make you hungry! ;) 
Bye :)  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Movie and dinner date :)

Hi humans :) So i'm back again to blog :) Went out with Lena, Gillian and Ziyun not long ago to have a break and also gather together :) So Lena, Gillian and I went to catch a movie called Divergent :) Ziyun didn't join us but she join us when it is dinner time :) Okay! Let's start! 

So this is my OOTD! I know i know, i normally don't wear something like this. 
I just want to try something new and step out from my comfort zone. 
But seriously, i swear this is the last time i will wear something like that because holy shit i look like a slut hahahaha! If i happen to wear this again, it is probably i went clubbing okay! Which i need to wait until i reach my legal age. But i most probably going to went clubbing once. Don't think that is the environment i like. 
And seriously, if i can avoid wearing pencil skirt, i will! 
I can't walk in big step and i HATE walking up stair because my skirt for some reason which god know why keep coming up! And i have to keep pulling it down and it is seriously damn unglamorous. 
No worry, i wear safety short inside!

So, we went to get some coffee!~ And the lighting there is seriously awesome :) And you know what girls do........of course is camwhore! And i really love my friends phone! Their camera quality is awesome :) 

Gillian and Fann :) 

Group photos :D Lena, Gillian and Fann :) 

After that, we went to watch movie which is Divergent and it is super awesome :) 
Super super love the show and the storyline :) 

After that, we camwhore for OOTD. :D

So this is the proper one :) 

Then we went shopping and also went to eat dinner :D 

Oh! Did i mention that i saw Xiaxue best friend, ShuYin?? She is so pretty!!! Plus, that day is her birthday! :D 

After dinner, we went to slack and chit chat! :D 

Another group photos :D 

Lena and Fann :D 

And then home sweet home :D
 Really enjoy myself! Especially in the MRT ride!! I just keep laughing! 

Ask my brother to camwhore with me so that i won't appear to be overly attached and obsessed with myself! hahahaha!!! Kidding! Anyway, here is the end of the post !
Saying bye with my constipated face! Hahahaha!! :D 

Oh! And i finally have green tea kit kat! I once said that chocolate kit kat is better than green tea kit kat on instagram.......BUT I TAKE BACK MY WORDS OKAY! I DAMN OBSESSED WITH GREEN TEA KIT KAT NOW! IT IS PERFECTION!


#currently obsessed song : Mr Chu - Apink 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Outing with family :) / Treatsforjoy :)

Hi humans! :D My mid year exam and O-level FNN practical exam finally finish! :D Which is awesome because i'm feeling great! It was like no burden on my shoulder! Hahahaha!! But i promise myself to work extra hard for my O-level! And i also finally able to blog about long ago stuff......~

So....i forget when......but i went out with family to go someone house....because that someone invite us for her baby full full month the word to say...??? I don't know. And sorry i have to use "someone" because i forget who..... 

Went to eat long john silver. After that, went shopping for baby gift! 

Then we went to their house to have buffet :) 

So that's about it :D 

Sweet treats from treats for joy :D 
Super love the snow white design :) 

Remember to check out treatsforjoy on instagram! (HERE) :D
And also their facebook! (HERE)

Here is some pictures! 

So visit their sites now! :) Not only delicious but also affordable! *big thumb up*