Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dessert :)

Hey, what's up! :D Went to buy ingredient the other day for my FNN practical and went shopping with mum and brother! And i bought one pair of high heel which is so adorable because it have ribbon on the front. It kinds of remind me of Snow White high heel, it just that mine is in black colour. Will show you the shoes other day because my phone memory is full and i can't take any pictures :( 

So the pictures here is all taken by my sister :) 

Anyway, we went Hougang mall to eat mc donald which we only ate the dessert :) Because somehow, we were not hungry. And we meet sister there so that we can eat so called "dinner" together :) 

It is pure perfection and heaven :D 
I kind of love it :) 

Plus, having dessert is awesome when you are freaking stress :)
Hope i won't make you hungry! ;) 
Bye :)  
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