Friday, May 30, 2014

Life Update.

Hi humans! June holiday is finally here for some people!!! And yes, SOME. This is because June holiday we still need to go back to school for more education :( Life as a graduating students..... 

Anyway, got back my report book today. Quite shock that i'm top 5 in class despite my result is like shit.... Recently, my mood is damn low. Low like negative.....1000+ and also i get annoyed and angry easily nowaday. I don't even know why.....probably because i need to stay back like almost everyday and my life routine is just.....mess up. 

Everyday back home, i can't do anything but just sleep because i'm so freaking tired. Plus, going to school is annoying, everyday heard teacher nag and at home also get nag. I feel so stress up and annoyed when they nag that it turn out to have other effect on me such as, don't care everything. 

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