Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Movie and dinner date :)

Hi humans :) So i'm back again to blog :) Went out with Lena, Gillian and Ziyun not long ago to have a break and also gather together :) So Lena, Gillian and I went to catch a movie called Divergent :) Ziyun didn't join us but she join us when it is dinner time :) Okay! Let's start! 

So this is my OOTD! I know i know, i normally don't wear something like this. 
I just want to try something new and step out from my comfort zone. 
But seriously, i swear this is the last time i will wear something like that because holy shit i look like a slut hahahaha! If i happen to wear this again, it is probably i went clubbing okay! Which i need to wait until i reach my legal age. But i most probably going to went clubbing once. Don't think that is the environment i like. 
And seriously, if i can avoid wearing pencil skirt, i will! 
I can't walk in big step and i HATE walking up stair because my skirt for some reason which god know why keep coming up! And i have to keep pulling it down and it is seriously damn unglamorous. 
No worry, i wear safety short inside!

So, we went to get some coffee!~ And the lighting there is seriously awesome :) And you know what girls do........of course is camwhore! And i really love my friends phone! Their camera quality is awesome :) 

Gillian and Fann :) 

Group photos :D Lena, Gillian and Fann :) 

After that, we went to watch movie which is Divergent and it is super awesome :) 
Super super love the show and the storyline :) 

After that, we camwhore for OOTD. :D

So this is the proper one :) 

Then we went shopping and also went to eat dinner :D 

Oh! Did i mention that i saw Xiaxue best friend, ShuYin?? She is so pretty!!! Plus, that day is her birthday! :D 

After dinner, we went to slack and chit chat! :D 

Another group photos :D 

Lena and Fann :D 

And then home sweet home :D
 Really enjoy myself! Especially in the MRT ride!! I just keep laughing! 

Ask my brother to camwhore with me so that i won't appear to be overly attached and obsessed with myself! hahahaha!!! Kidding! Anyway, here is the end of the post !
Saying bye with my constipated face! Hahahaha!! :D 

Oh! And i finally have green tea kit kat! I once said that chocolate kit kat is better than green tea kit kat on instagram.......BUT I TAKE BACK MY WORDS OKAY! I DAMN OBSESSED WITH GREEN TEA KIT KAT NOW! IT IS PERFECTION!


#currently obsessed song : Mr Chu - Apink 
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