Saturday, May 17, 2014

Outing with family :) / Treatsforjoy :)

Hi humans! :D My mid year exam and O-level FNN practical exam finally finish! :D Which is awesome because i'm feeling great! It was like no burden on my shoulder! Hahahaha!! But i promise myself to work extra hard for my O-level! And i also finally able to blog about long ago stuff......~

So....i forget when......but i went out with family to go someone house....because that someone invite us for her baby full full month the word to say...??? I don't know. And sorry i have to use "someone" because i forget who..... 

Went to eat long john silver. After that, went shopping for baby gift! 

Then we went to their house to have buffet :) 

So that's about it :D 

Sweet treats from treats for joy :D 
Super love the snow white design :) 

Remember to check out treatsforjoy on instagram! (HERE) :D
And also their facebook! (HERE)

Here is some pictures! 

So visit their sites now! :) Not only delicious but also affordable! *big thumb up* 

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