Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Right Note - Strepsils

Hi Humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D So...............I need help from you guy!!!!! Recently, i participate this competition/contest known as Strepsils, The Right Note! And i need you guy to help vote for me!! :D 

Steps 1: Go to this website! (HERE)

Step 2: Click "Hear the voices"

Step 3: Find my video! Okay i should insert my awkward thumbnail picture! The one that i draw heart shape is my video! 

Step 4: Click my video and click vote! Click the one "vote" that i draw rectangle with pink ink! 

Step 5: Fill in your details. And then click "vote now"

And you are done :D One day only can vote one time! Thank you to those that vote for me! I really appreciate it! And thank you to all my friends for being so supportive and encouraging! I love you :D 

PS: Sorry that the video is shaky and i look horrible in it without make up and dress up. 
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