Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Amazing spider-man / mini shopping

Went to watch Amazing Spider-man 2 with brother, sister and her boyfriend :) 

My outfit :) 

Selfie with brother :) 

After the movie, went to eat fried chicken and drink peach tea which i forgot to take pictures......Sorry :( 
Went out with mum the other day too. Bought 2 things :) 
Selfie first boohoo!~

Bought this simple black dress :)

Love the back because it have ribbon on it :) 
The downside for this dress is, it will show a little bit of skin and your bra.
Unless you wear nu bra or else it will show. 

Finally bought my very own  basic black cardigan!!! 

And here is the high heel that i promise to show you :) 

That's all for this post :) Bye :) 
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