Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bugis Haul :)

Hi humans :) Went shopping with my sister the other day and bought quite a number of stuffs! Nearly spend over $80....i think....Gosh bankrupt. Anyway, lets start! 

Can't believe this is what i would wear to bugis but whatever! Mum said i never wear my polo tee so here it is! 

With pink shoes since i am going to walk all day~:) 

Went Orchard with my sister first to eat tako ball :)

Bought root beer float after shopping!

So let's see what we bought! 
What you see below is what my sister bought!

Yes, my sister only got a few clothes.....
Pictures below is what i bought! 

came with strap. 



So that's what i got! Not a lot but definitely spend a lot! 
Hahahaha! Bye ;) 

*Procrastination suck :( 
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