Friday, June 20, 2014

Eighteen Chefs :)

Hi humans :D I'm back with a new post! Still have a lot more things to blog about so hopefully this holiday i will be able to blog finish! Anyway, still have tons of homework still undone :P I hope i'm not the only one. Okay, lets begin this post! 

What i wore that day :) 

Some selfie with brother while waiting for my dad to top up cards :D 

Went to AMK hub to eat this :) 

Drinks :) 

Really love the mug/jar.....Whatever. You know what i mean.

This is super sweet....Chocolate something something i can't remember D: 

Mum with her root beer float :) 

Banana milk i think :)

My baked rice :) Inside have curry and sausages :D 


Home sweet home :) 

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