Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden by the bay :D

Hi humans :D Went learning journey the other day during Geography lesson :D It was an amazing trip! I have lot of fun despite i don't think i learn anything.....LOL! But still it was fun and memorable. However, the down side is there was a lot of mosquito! My legs is full of mosquito kisses or i should say love bite, a gross one. Gosh! Plus, it raining!!! Anyway, here is the pictures that i, teachers and my friends take :D 

Apparently.....i didn't really listen what the tour guide said....

 Breadfruit because it smells like bread!
That's what she said. 

Selfie time!!!~

Lingli and me :) 

Me! :D 

With the worksheet that we need to do! 


Me, Lingli, ReiChi and Ziyun :D 

Mushroom seat! FULL OF MOSQUITO! 

Loving the roof top design :) 

Picture taken from TingLing dayre :) 


Sharmin and Me :D 

This is huge! 

Me and Lingli :) 

Group pictures :D 

Am not ready yet~

Always block by ReiChi D: 

This place suitable for OOTD scenery. 
Even though what i wore is PE T-shirt and short.......

Anyway, that's all for this post/trip! 
I remember i perspiring like mad even though it raining because my bag is freaking heavy from all the amaths books!
Moreover, mosquito bites make my legs itching like hell.
After this trip, we still need to went back to school for FNN coursework.....How great.....-.- Imagine all our good mood ruin...
But, all in all, i still loving it ;) 
(the trip i mean) 
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