Saturday, June 14, 2014

NV Arts Night :)

Hi humans :) This is my first time attend NV Arts Night! Because other time, i'm always the one that perform so.......finally i'm able to be an audience once!!!!! After my FNN coursework, went home and took a shower. Everything was like a rush..... Anyway, still manage to make it on time and reach quite early that we have some time to go back band room and look for my awesome juniors :) 

This is what i wore that day :) 

Really regret not putting make up that day because look at my eye bag.... gosh....
Everyone is so beautiful but what can i do, not enough time! 

Me, Claire and Siew Yi :) 

Am very proud of band! :D They played well and i love it! 
We keep cheering and sing along!~ :D 
Please continue to work hard all my lovely juniors :) You guy improve a lot! :D 
*big thumb up*

Marcus, Vanessa, Siew Yi, Claire and Fann :D

Group photos :D

Anyway, that night after i reach home, i painted my nails :D 

And coincidence, Li Wen Cousin painted her nail that night too!! :D 
It so pretty!!! :D 

Anyway, ended off with my selfie :P Bye :D

*Apart from band performance that i really love! I really enjoy watching English drama too! I literally cry when watching because the story is so sad and they really put their emotion in too! 

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