Saturday, July 12, 2014

Outing with family :D

Hi babe ;) How you doing? ;) Okay i seriously should stop being so pedo! Hahahaha! :D Anyway, i thought people will like to see more pictures than reading words but...............Recently, after what some of my friends said,  I realise is not like that! Reader actually like reading more than seeing pictures! Now i know and hopefully i able to write more from now onward! I know my recent post is full of pictures and less words because i don't want my post to be so lengthy and bored you guy! Therefore, i apologise! I will tried to write more and at the same time improve my English......HOPEFULLY. :) 

So, let's proceed to this post that related to this title ;D 

My OOTD which you see a zillion time!!!!!!
And i'm really obsessed with that snap back :) 

So we went Lavender to take our passport which excluding mine because i have it already. 
While waiting, it is camwhore time :) 

Silly dude.

And again, went Aston to eat because it is our favourite place :) 
First time help family order because my sister is not around. And is so freaking embarrassing because my parents haven even make up their mind on what dish they want and they kept asking me to go order....Like WTF?! So i order mine and brother....And seriously, the cashier is so impatient because i ask her to wait for a while in order to have enough time for my parents to make up their mind. And she just kept asking still have what dish....Like seriously... *roll eyes* But also partly is my parents fault luh.

Brother dish :)

Mum dish :) 

This is mine because i love baked potatoes :D 

Dad dish :) 

Candid shot :P

With mum :) 

With dad! 
And this was taken at NTUC because the lighting is the best and i can't remember why we went NTUC......Probably buying butter, yogurt juice, milk and ice cream :) 

After that, home sweet home! :D 

*I seriously need to transfer pictures from my phone to computer soon.......PHONE KEEP NO MEMORY SPACE D: I seriously have to change phone soon too..... Anyway, next post probably going to blog about Malaysia trip with family :D So stay tune :) 
Bye :) 

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