Saturday, July 5, 2014

Outing with Ziyun and Gillian :)

My outfit of that day :) 

Anyway, went a lot of places and then eat lunch! And then went shopping and bought a snapback :) After that it dinner time~ 

Fucking summer :)

This is the place :)

The foods is nice!~ service is not too bad until a women came and gave us receipt and chase us away. The worse part is Gillian order green tea and it never arrive. Still dare to chase us >:( 

This is the picture while waiting for foods at that time :P

Went Clarkquay~ It always nice to chat with them :) 

Really love the scenery :)

Lots of group selfies :) 

After that home sweet home :) 

Bye :D

*burn my hand ;( Now it has a big ugly scar :( 

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