Thursday, July 10, 2014

Studying date with Li Wen :)

Hi human! I guess during June holiday, this was the day that are more productive than any other June day... :P So, i went AMK library with Li Wen and one of her friend to stuDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Really productive! *thumb up* I really think that i study way moreeeeeeeee when i'm outside :P 

So this is my ootd! Freaking love the short!!!!~
And am obsessed with my snap back. I typically wear it where ever i go.

Anyway, LiWen and I was hungry and need a break from stuDYING so.......

This is da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally try chocolate lava cake okay! Okay!

And chicken pie :P 

After that, back to reality :( 

After that, went home :) 

Receive my present from Li Wen :D Thank you :D
Love you forever!!!! 

Also ate Lao Ban that my sister bought :) 

So.......................That's all for this post :) 
Bye :) 

*Primary school friend organise 6.4 outing that include Mr Ong and Mr Koo :) I'm so excited already!! For your information, i am really attached to my primary school memories :) 

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