Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good new/ Random post once again !

Hi human! It was quite rare for me to update you guys my recent life! I actually have dayre and i update quite frequently there because it was easier for me! I will still update here, no worries! If i have any pictures, outings, occasions or something interesting and fun and i want to share, i will definitely post here instead of dayre, so no worries!!!! :) If you know me, you know i very attached to my own blog! :) Anyway, today is the DPA result and i was happy!!!!! The main reason is because...................TP accepted me!!!!!! Oh my god! Can you believe it!!! I'm going to study Biotechnology in TP!!!!! My dream course!!! :D 

Okay, anyway lets start the random photos with random things :D 

Don't know who bought this! Super delicious and cute too :P 

My second boyfriend :) 

Addicted to coffee! Love the milk coffee more!

With Eugene during ERT! :) 
Ling Li beside me if you are wondering! 

With classmates :) Pictures pretty self explanatory :) 

With Eugene once again! :) 

Pink is a nice colour :) 

My love for coffee :) 

And selfie! ~ :D 

Okay that's all for today!
 Oh! I will not upload any video for the next 2 weeks because it is my exams period! :) Hope you guys understand! I promise i will be back with a new video after my exams! :) 
Bye :) Have a good day ahead! :D
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