Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthday/ Power flower/ Starbuck!

Hi human! So fast is already September! My prelim exam finally finish and i'm back again to blog! To be honest, i have been blogging quite frequently at dayre and if you want to see that, go read it! :P

Anyway, this is pretty long ago stuffs as usual. After finish blogging this post, i have to transfer my phone pictures and videos into my computer so that i'm able to edit it! I do this so that i won't mess up and confuse which i have upload/post and which have not. So without further a do..............Let's start the post ;) 

Anyway, my birthday is on 30 July if you are wondering. Holy shit and now is September.....Wow.....It been like....1 month plus...... 

My birthday cake :) Told you guy i love chocolate origin! They make the best chocolate cake man!!!! 

My sister actually took a lot of photos of me.
If i post all of them, this post will get super long.
 Hence i choose this because i look so anticipated to cut and eat the cake :) 

And the super classic one.....Laugh until so.....Hahahaha!!! :P 

And thank Millenn for giving me my birthday presents :D 

Class suddenly have class party. Teacher gave us this kit kat!

Bought these books for $30 at Carousell.

Went Kovan and have Astons with family :) 

Starbuck with sister!!!! :D 

That's all! Bye! :D 

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