Saturday, September 27, 2014

Family and Friends :)

Hi human :) Going to blog about something that happen like.......weeks back! Anyway, went Vivo City with Ziyun, Gillian and Lingli to have dinner together :) Went to eat Sushi Tei and oh my god....... Sushi is heaven! Sashimi is heaven!!! :D 

You have been warned!!!!!!! There will be lots of selfies! :)

Finally in Sushi Tei :) 

Group picture :) There will be more!

While waiting for foods, more selfies :)
Sorry ah, i'm crazily obsessed with myself 

Foods!!!!! :) Awesome things in the world. 

Isn't this decoration cute? :) It at the cashier area and i saw it when we paying our meals :) 

And since we at Vivo city, we cannot forget our Boost! :) 
Thanks to Gillian, i'm in love with this store and their drinks! 
Since, i don't eat a lot of fruit, fruit juice will do the trick :) 
And honestly, it feels good to know that i consuming something healthy and low calories!

As you can see, we are at the top of the Vivo city again! It's a place where we love to sit down and hang out and chit chat! :) 

After that, went to the toilet and off we go to Sentosa......
Going Sentosa is actually a very last minute choice! 

Here is my outfit :)

So the first thing we go is trick eyes museum!!!! Hahahaha! nah, we go explore the outside only.....And we are quite shock that.....The place is actually quite small....

I was so short that i look like a kid here.

Decided to help this man!

I'm so kind oh god! LOL

Anyway, here is the universal studio :D 

Saw this cute little chocolate :P Chocolate is awesome!

Group pictures :) One was with the waterfall and the other one was in the cave :) 

My favourite group picture :) 

Back home but later going out again~

Yes! Lets play the lantern baby! :D 
And yes once again......we at some random carpark hahahaha! :) 

Let me take some photos!!!!!!!!!

Full moon :) 

Here are some retard pictures with my brother :P 

If you have make it until here alive and reading this! You are amazing and deserve a pat on the shoulder :) 

Remember to check out my video :) 
As i vlog the whole thing as written on this blog post ;) 
Youtube username: Jiayoufann 

Peace out :) 

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