Saturday, September 6, 2014

Girls Night Out :)

Hi human! Back with a new post! :) Anyway, went out with Gillian, Ziyun, Lena and Reichi on one random day and have dinner together! :) So we actually went to eat secret recipe! It was my virgin try and honestly speaking, i find it not too bad but not that worth of a price.

My Outfit of that night :) 

Selfies Selfies :) 

At secret recipe :) 

After secret recipe, we went and bought Boost :)
I get the kid size because i'm full at that point of time!
My flavour was mango and banana, however, the banana overpower the mango.....
But still not too bad luh :) 

Really love chit chatting session and relax and just enjoy myself and laugh ! :) 
So here come the highlight that ruin some part of my perfect day.

Can you see them? Wait let me zoom in. 

Yeah right!
 Sorry that the pictures quality of this couple a bit shitty because i can't be bothered to edit them except collage the photos.
So this couple actually criticize us the ways we took pictures! Like wtf?! Get a life man! 
I mean you guy can just said behind our back WITHOUT US KNOWING!  
Do you know you guy whisper until fucking loud? WTF!
They actually said something like we should use a monopod while taking selfie. 
Using hand to take selfie is a wrong way! WTF?!?! MIND-BLOWN SIA
So before monopod was created you guy never take any selfie?! WTF!
Come on man, you think monopod very cheap ah? 
$12 to $15+ monopod, i might as well go buy clothes -.-
I know you guy rich judging the fact that you probably come back from universal studio, dating. (That old women over there was carrying a universal studio plastic bag) 
Honestly speaking, if you have nothing better to say, don't say it at all.
At least don't let us heard it! 
WTF super mad.
Seriously, we don't have to follow the trend of having monopod.
Everything also monopod. Take selfie, monopod. Take group photos, monopod.
Fake Blind, monopod. 
This kind of people seriously ruin the society nowadays. 
Anyway, for your information, WITHOUT MONOPOD, we STILL TAKE PERFECT SELFIE.
Even we don't take perfect selfie, we will take and take it again.
Because of no monopod, we actually ENJOY the PROCESS of taking selfie.
At the end of the day, there are SATISFACTION

Anyway, the couple criticize us when we taking this selfie in the MRT.
And honestly, i don't find there's a need to use monopod when there were like 3 of us in the photos.
Plus, we does not need to use monopod to capture MRT background. 
And, i find our photos PERFECT even WITHOUT A MONOPOD. 

 Anyway, you can watch my video that capture this memories :) 
Overall, still a PERFECT day :) 

 And stay tune for..........


Bonus point. We didn't change that much. 
This is perfection :) 

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