Saturday, September 13, 2014

Random but mostly foods :)

Hi human! I'm back with a new post! Anyway, holiday is going to end soon..... That's is a really sad new to hear! 33 more days and it will be my O-level! I know i am not ready but i can't wait to get over it and have all my free time! This posts is going to be really random....Mostly is foods pictures so enjoy! 

So my sister went Malaysia the other day and this was what she bought :) The chocolate mooncake is the bomb man! 

So one of the day she also bought sushi :D Oh my god my Sashimi and cookies :P 

Okay, here is a view of how girls room look like....Well....Or maybe it just me....
No worry! After O-level it will all be gone!

Some snack and drink i love :) 

I love the black one....This is not that nice in my opinion.

This is how i study......

After exam :)
Kind of reluctant to go back to school and receive my prelim result because i know for sure i didn't do well..... I am already can predict which subject i failed.

Anyway, peace out! 

Check out my TMI video! 

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