Friday, September 19, 2014

Update about my life :)

Hey human! :D So, i'm going to update you with my life and how i'm doing recently! Recently, my routine just revolve around Amaths! Determined to study hard for that subject! :) 27 days left to O level! Not much time! 

Anyway, recently my sister recommend me this show which freaking nice! If you love detective, solve mystery and crime all this....You will LOVE it! :) The show name is 金田一!! Okay, it is a Japanese show but is freaking nice! Trust me! :) Moving on~ 

Basically, get back all my prelim results! Not as bad as i imagine but of course i'm still not satisfied with my results.So that's mean i need to work extra hard! But at the same time i need to know how to relax too..... 

My life is not that interesting. It just keep revolve around school! Next week it will be a hectic week!!! Freaking lots of exam!~ Anyway, tomorrow is my mum birthday :P Still haven buy presents for her! Don't know what present should i buy for her...... Oh! Say until buying stuffs, i bought one heart shape sunglasses on carousell and the freaking seller haven reply my message! It freaking 2 days already! Luckily, i never transfer money to her or whatsoever! So not trust worthy! 

Oh! And one more thing! I finally upload another video on youtube! Please check it out :) 

Stay tune for another video which will be much more interesting than this video! :) 
Peace out! :) 

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