Friday, November 28, 2014

Another Girls Outing :)

Hi human :) So after i dye my hair, the next day i went out again! :D Yes! Another girls outing :) Actually at first, i don't want to go. But in the end i still go under ZiYun influence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is not me if i never take selfies before leaving the house :P 

So, i, ZiYun, ReiChi and Lena meet ;)
We went TP together to find Gillian since Gillian invite us to go and see her booth. :) 
In the end, we didn't really get to see the booth because we were late. 
Then, we stand at TP somewhere i don't know for a while because we don't know where to go.
And Gillian was with her poly friends, taking photos.
So we anyhow walk and went into library and get chased out because we don't have TP card. (That was really damn freaking embarrassing. Even though i acted like i study in TP)
And the weather was freaking hot. 
We was like pity kitten without home......
Okay that's was a bit too exaggerate.
And i was pretty frustrated. 
Finally Gillian was done, we head to shopping mall.

Shopping and find something to eat.
End up we at pizza hut :) 

Mushroom soup :) 

Ice lemon tea :D

Curry rice.

After eating, we went to starbuck and sit down chit chatting :) 

ZiYun trying to eat my head. Hahahaha!!! 

This was what we do when ReiChi want to take selfies :P

Me trying to eat Gillian arm! Hahahaha! 
And we get judge by people....BUT WHO CARE!

And then home sweet home!
Oh my god! I am so glad that we make it home because guess what, we actually miss our stop and we ended up at some random place! 
It was just some misunderstanding in communication so end up we at some ulu place.
I really thought we have to go sleep at some random camp because we stop at some camp area which was creepy as hell.
Some more it was like night time!
End up, we have to split as we need to go our respective bus stop.
And i swear it was freaking adventurous and scary and funny and........*mix emotion*
But anyway, luckily we all reach home safely!

So yah, that's all for this post :) 
Bye! ;) 

PS: It was fun that day :) 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dye hair - Toni & Guy

Hey human! :) Finally found a job and started working! :) So, it was quite hard for me to blog every now and then! Still will blog, but probably not posting new post every single day! :) Anyway, i went to dye my hair with ZiYun at Toni & Guy! :D It was my first time dying my hair hence pretty excited about it! 

The Toni & Guy card :) 
Sorry about the background. I was just clearing/cleaning my cabinet.


And of course some selfies before i leave the house to get my hair done :) 

Reached :D 

They already have their Christmas tree up! 

Some selfies while waiting for ZiYun :)
If you are observant, i actually worn new contact lens! 
This contact lens doesn't really enlarge my eyes so........I feel kind of weird also! Hahahaa! :P

Then after that is my turn :)  

The washing my hair part was really shiok! 
The massage and everything :D 

Really like their service :D 
Green tea and some chocolate biscuits :D 
Plus i'm starving at that point because i skip my breakfast :P
So, i clear everything they serve me :P

Here is my hair!!!!!~
I know my hair is crazily long!
Going to cut soon!
My soon is like...........Next year?? Hahahahaha! :P
Just kidding. I have to find time!
A bit reddish brown even though i only dye brown.
This is because my natural hair colour have a little bit of red and brown.
But after a few washes, the red actually gone! 

This is after a few washes! It becomes brown :) 
It was kind of obvious now which is what i want.
Now people see me, they will be like eh you dye your hair? 
Heehee :P

So after that, Ziyun, me and Lingli went to eat Yoshinoya :D 
Our late dinner :D 

If you are wondering why suddenly Lingli pop up is because she actually also came when i was dying my hair. We went to find jobs!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Job hunting ah :) 

PS: Actually want to try llao llao and honey creme but the queue is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooooo longggggggggggggggg

Anyway, thanks for reading :)