Thursday, November 6, 2014

Before exam belated post

Hi human :) Anyway, this post is just random photos that i have taken before exam.... i think? Hahahaha :P Still haven transfer photos to my computer though. Will try to transfer by today :) And probably edit some video because i guess i will not on computer for the next 3 days. Need to study for science MCQ! :P To be honest, now i never study i feel so weird!!! Oh! I also change my blog skin header photo! :P Hope you guys like it :) 

Eating :) 

Trying gradient lip. But somehow fail hahahahhaa :P 


Mooncake jelly.

Try making durian pudding :P Even do a hello kitty face for my sister :P 

Outing eating. I don't even remember when LOL! 

Honey Lemon :) Thanks Dad! Really appreciate this! 

My favourite snack.......I even stock up yesterday.....Will update that soon! 

Can't remember when i eat this too...... 

My mc cafe baby :* 

That's all for this post :) Bye :D 

Some of this can be see from my vlog :) 

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