Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dye hair - Toni & Guy

Hey human! :) Finally found a job and started working! :) So, it was quite hard for me to blog every now and then! Still will blog, but probably not posting new post every single day! :) Anyway, i went to dye my hair with ZiYun at Toni & Guy! :D It was my first time dying my hair hence pretty excited about it! 

The Toni & Guy card :) 
Sorry about the background. I was just clearing/cleaning my cabinet.


And of course some selfies before i leave the house to get my hair done :) 

Reached :D 

They already have their Christmas tree up! 

Some selfies while waiting for ZiYun :)
If you are observant, i actually worn new contact lens! 
This contact lens doesn't really enlarge my eyes so........I feel kind of weird also! Hahahaa! :P

Then after that is my turn :)  

The washing my hair part was really shiok! 
The massage and everything :D 

Really like their service :D 
Green tea and some chocolate biscuits :D 
Plus i'm starving at that point because i skip my breakfast :P
So, i clear everything they serve me :P

Here is my hair!!!!!~
I know my hair is crazily long!
Going to cut soon!
My soon is like...........Next year?? Hahahahaha! :P
Just kidding. I have to find time!
A bit reddish brown even though i only dye brown.
This is because my natural hair colour have a little bit of red and brown.
But after a few washes, the red actually gone! 

This is after a few washes! It becomes brown :) 
It was kind of obvious now which is what i want.
Now people see me, they will be like eh you dye your hair? 
Heehee :P

So after that, Ziyun, me and Lingli went to eat Yoshinoya :D 
Our late dinner :D 

If you are wondering why suddenly Lingli pop up is because she actually also came when i was dying my hair. We went to find jobs!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Job hunting ah :) 

PS: Actually want to try llao llao and honey creme but the queue is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooooo longggggggggggggggg

Anyway, thanks for reading :)

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