Sunday, November 16, 2014

I don't know where to begin.

Hi human! :) This post is going to be before/during/after o level thingy! Mainly consists of food though... :P Like what the title said.....I really have no idea where to begin so..............random ah! 

Actually going to post this food photo on my previous post but i have no idea why i didn't......So here it is!!!~ Durian and chocolate flavour if i'm not wrong. It just taste like pancake to me though but it was nice!!!!!

This coffee contain hazelnut! It was nice! :D All along, i thought hazelnut only go well with chocolate but nah, this prove me wrong! 

Even though i fall in love with coffee, i still cannot forget my hot chocolate :P 
I love tea as well by the way! :P

Me studying until crazy to tie 2 braids. 
Actually i just want my hair to be beachy wave the next day lah! 
Don't judge okay! :P

Red Velvet Nutella Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting :D
My favourite!
Geography teachers bought for the class :D 

The gifts that i received from teachers :) 
Appreciated :)

I actually wrote on dayre my thought when it was the last day of school..........
Hence, i will post it here as well because i know not a lot of people know my dayre unless some close friends :) 

"Today marks the end of my secondary school life. Teachers speech and power point slides really touch my heart . Oh and their gifts too!  i really really appreciated!  Actually i realised i don't really hate my class. In fact, some of the classmates.... i started to get close to them and know them a bit more and of course talk more often now. To be honest, i will miss the teachers, classmates and friends 
I will always remember how we been through this past 3 years or 5 years for some of them. We have been through a lot and i am glad to say we all survived! 

Even though after o level we will be going to different paths....... i honestly hope that i will still keep in contact with some of them! By the way, i know this is really out of point but let's talk about this cupcakes that our humanity teachers bought for us! It was red velvet nutella cupcake! Super nice can!!!!!!!!!! Just when i crave for red velvet recently! Plus, i love red velvet, i love cream cheese frosting and i super love nutella!!!!! ♡♡♡
Okay, back to topic. I really appreciate all the teachers that have been teaching me for the past years. I here by say thank you to you guys. Even though i know teachers won't be reading this but you know, I'm not good with saying out loud. I hope my results will prove my appreciation to them! THANK YOU! "

So yah, that is the so called thought/speech that i written on dayre.....:P

Also having oyster egg when i crave for it. It was the same day as the "last day of school"

Crave for cold drink and apparently parents bought bubble tea for me.
It was also the same day as "last day of school" 
As you can guess, that day was quite good for me. The things that i crave, i have it in the end. 
By the way, i don't really like bubble tea but i appreciated it, parents! 

Selfie selfie. This is what vain girl do. 
Anyway, this was when i went out with Ziyun and Gillian to Nex and ate Korean BBQ :P
It was good! A very sinful meal! 
You can watch the vlog HERE! The meat was perfection! 
I'm a carnivore.

Studying got us crazy.....

Please take a moment here, deep in thought about this thing.....
why does the mangrove trees have more chim and atas name than my name? :( 
So hard to memorise!!! I don't even know how to pronounce it! 
Luckily, mangrove trees didn't come out for o-level! 
God blessed! 

Book of happiness. 
Write down all the things you are blessed of/ grateful for.
It goods to read back though :) 
I love to read back the things i wrote....Especially this blog!
If you read what i post when i was still in primary school....Oh my god!
*facepalm to the wall*
Childish as hell. I don't even know what i was thinking back then!
But is good though, at least i grew (mentally though....not physically :( )
Becoming more mature! 

This is what i played when i was bored when studying! 
I have no idea where my sister got this from. But it was challenging!
Proud to say that i solve 2 and my sister solve 2!
At least i still have some IQ in my stupid brain...
Probably i'm not that stupid after all! :D 

Studying mean eating more.
I always eat when i'm study i mean come on......
you know you eat too. 

This was my last time eating mcdonald sia! 
This was when i went consultation and after that having lunch with Ziyun! 

Have to stock up my pepero :P

This was given by our English teacher!

This was one of my breakfast before i go for exam.

Oh my god guys!! This chocolate chip cookies is freaking nice! 
When you dip it in milo, freaking chocolatey! :D 

A close up so you guys able to recognise in the supermarket and give it a try! :D 

This coffee quite nice! However, after drinking this, i felt a little bit unwell. 
I assume it have alcohol in it............If not...i assume it spoilt !

Whenever my dad off, he will make honey lemon drink!
In order to prevent ants from crawling into it, here is the trick! :D 
Put the cups in a plate or bowl filled with water! 
Problem solved!

I have no idea if i posted this before. 
But this happen way early.........happen before prelim or o level started hahahaha!!! :D 
Went jogging/walking with Lingli! 
And if you guys wondering if i ever go jogging after o-level. 
The answer is NO! hahahahaha! :D
I went walking with Mum! :) 
And also do some workout at home :) 

Okay, i think this is the end of this post :) 
I hope you guys enjoy reading this.
This is actually quite a random post! Hahahaha! :P 
Bye :) 

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