Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mum Birthday :)

Hi human! Oh my gosh! I'm finally back here blogging for you guys!!!! Finally able to do my favourite thing! :D I know i have not been blogging for the longest time! More than 1 month! Crazy! :O As you guys know, i'm currently having O-level! So far, i left with science MCQ and i will be done with this year!~ YOOHOOO!!!!!~ Then i have to find job and earn some pocket money because i have been spending a lot this past few days! In need of money!!!!! Anyway, thinking of doing a clothing and beauty haul but i always procrastinate :P Hahahaha!!! :P

Okay, i should head on what this post is about! Gosh, Mum birthday was on September and i know it was too late to blog about my mum birthday because currently is already November....... But better late than never....RIGHT? :D 

You guys should already know by now that whenever our household members birthday, we will go out and eat Astons :P It somehow become like a tradition to us :P But honestly, Astons is really nice! 

My ootd! 
Trying to put some effort on dressing up but too lazy to wear contact lens and makeup :P 
Anyway, this shirt that i'm wearing was thrown away by mum because the ribbon material thingy keep drop. :P

With the birthday girl :) 

Of course have to take pic with sister! It's been a long time since we camwhore!

And of course vain girl gonna do what she gonna do! 
And oh my god! You guy have no idea how long my hair is! 
My hair is reaching my butt because i was so busy/lazy to get a haircut!
I will cut my hair soon okay because it is like grass right now. 
Going to dye my hair too! 

The birthday cake. 
I actually kind of sad that it is not chocolate origin least is chocolate cake. 
And this one also nice :) 

Present to you the serious face! Hahahaha! :P 

Okay! That's all! 

I also vlog the process! Be sure to check it out! :)

Bye :) Thanks for reading all my precious :*

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