Monday, November 17, 2014

Nex, Balloon, Twelve cupcakes

Hi humans! :) I'm back with a new blog post. The other day, i went Nex with brother since he want to come with me. Met a seller there to get my storybook. 

Did you guess it right? I bought The fault in our stars. 
I know i know. I am super outdated.
But i'm going to read this book and after that watch that movie.
I know i was late. Really late.
But better late than never. 
Told myself not to read/watch this because it was too overrated.
However, a lot of people actually say the book is nicer than movie.
So.....I guess why not i try to read it. 
So far, i kind of like it.
Even though, this is not those type of book that i normally read.


Anyway, went Nex and saw a lot of animals that are made from balloons!
The people that do all this seriously awesome and super talented. 
You able to see all this in my vlog video :) 

After that went shopping. 

Also bought 12 cupcakes since i have been craving for months! 

Happygirl97 is me!

Also bought our brunch :) 

This is really random. 
But this is one of my meal before exam. 
I know, sushi again. 
That's all for this post!
Thanks for reading ;) 
Love ya! ;*

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