Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shopping with Sis

Hey yo human! :) Since i am here jobless even though i went to find job.......i want job but job don't want me. Get it get it?? :( Okay, so i have a lot of time to blog! :) Here we go! 

Went shopping with sister at Nex. Yes, i know. Nex again. And oh my gosh!!!!! Compass point finally have Cotton On and Nex finally have H&M. You feel me??? I was so happy! But again, think about the money, i'm currently bankrupt :( 

OOTD. Hahahahhaa! Kidding.
In the fitting room to try out this clothes.
But end up never buy because no money.

Spent money on dessert is more realistic.
This is freaking nice!
Cotton Candy and Raspberry Cheesecake :) 

After that spent a lot at Watson :P

Stock up on Pepero :) 

Sis hello panda.

This was also sis items.

Sis items

sis items 

My item since i going to finish my toner. 

Oh my gosh! The best buy! 

Lipstick/lipstain LOL 
whatever you call it as long as the colour is nice.
It was really intense!
It dry matte. It dry fast. It won't transfer!!!

The red is freaking bold which is what i exactly been searching for.
But my family say not nice because it was too red on me.
Who care? As long as i love it! 

Oh and this was some random drawing that i draw a few weeks ago :) 

That's all :) 

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