Thursday, November 20, 2014

Taobao Hauls.

Sup humans! I actually want to film this but i was so lazy!!!!!! I guess i have to give up making video because even though i enjoy doing those things like editing video etc, but i get so lazy when it come to make up and dress up and then film video to make myself look presentable. So yup, probably no video from now onward! I want to focus more on blogging because this is what i do for like almost 7 years! :) So here go the Taobao Hauls!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Let's start off with clothes :D 

Weirdo shirt :)
Really love the lace detail at the bottom and i also love how simple this shirt look! :) 
It can go well with any bottom!

I mean come on! Who doesn't love this shirt?
Nutella and milk! So freaking adorable! 
And is in pink!
All my favourite is in this shirt! :D

This is kind of like badass style!
Just super love the design! :D 
I can imagine myself wearing this with high waist distress denim short and with a snapback! 
Oh and of course pair it with my platform shoes!
By the way, this 2 sweater that i bought from taobao is freaking thick! I wonder how am i going to wear it without fainting due to heat stroke...
But I'm going to wear it anyway! 

Next, move on to the bottom :) 
I swear buying bottom is the most difficult. 

Blue denim skirt. 
Since i don't have a lot of skirt.
Really trying hard to introduce more skirt into my wardrobe.
But i still like wearing short......
But i did wear skirt more often nowaday too! 
And this skirt is too loose for me.....Da hell. 
I have to use safety pin.........But loose is better than tight and cannot wear right?

Black leather skirt! 
Too loose for me also.
But can wear without dropping luh. 

This short is also too loose for me. 
But luckily i able to put belt. 
Don't have ripe denim high waist short so i got that! :D 
My favourite short now! :D 

High waist denim short!
Bought a similar one at Bugis street but is low waist and i hate low waist short!! Hence i bought this.
However, this is too tight for me that i can't button or zip! Hahahahaha! 
Da hell, plus this is M size sia.
A sign that i growing horizontal. Fuck.
But i'm not even that fat leh walao.
Waist range from 24 onward. Don't buy M size for this short -.- 
Decided to give this away to my sister friend that are skinnier than me.
She confirm can wear one.

Moving on to heel and eye wear :)

This heel is so nice and i know it can go well with anything! 
I want to try wearing this heel with sock!! Hahahaha! :P
Don't know if i can pull it off. :P

Have been looking for this pair of sunglasses everywhere!!!!!
Finally found it :) 
They still gave me sunglasses case.
And successfully delivered to my house without any damage :) 
That's all for this haul! :D

PS: All of this was bought from my own money!
PS: Everything in good quality in my opinion :) 

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