Saturday, November 22, 2014

When you're bored...............

Hey human! When you're bored........................What did you guys do??? Oh my god, this is such a random post anyway! Hahahahaha! :P 
For me, i love to snapchat recently. Here was some of my piece :) 

Actually all this...Ahem.........Art piece was drawn when i was having my o-level.........The result of studying too much. :P 
And i didn't edit any single photos in this post which i know you didn't realise until i said it here. 
Nah, no need scroll up and check the photos again because i didn't lie to you guys.
Really never edit photos for this post! 
And recently, it was really sad to see my photos become really low/bad quality when uploading to blogger.
Why ah??
Something wrong with blogger???
I edit every single photos on my blog except for this post eh!
I have to say that i put in a lot of efforts in publishing a post hor!
And then turn out all my efforts go down to drain because no matter how i edit my photos, when uploading to blogger, it turns shitty. 
Then what for i edit to make it look presentable/nice/good quality/high quality when blogger just make it shittier.
I pretty sure it was not my problem though.
So saddening. 
Moreover, the photos quality/colour is different when viewing from computer and from phone.
Totally different.
so sad!!!
I hope blogger do something about it. :( 
Because i have been using blogger for years and i really love it a lot. 

PS: Won't be posting as much because my work life just started :( 
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