Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Family time ❤

Hi human :D (I'm sorry if my introduction is always the same because you know introduction is the hardest to phrase and same goes to the ending). So, during my off day i have to spend some quality time with my family. I mean they are really precious to me so i have to spend more time if the time allow me to. We went to our favourite place to eat breakfast together :D And i'm proud to say this breakfast is healthy! (At least to me is healthy) .

This is the place, At Hougang area.

Selfie while waiting for food. 
Loving my eyes here.

This is the porridge that we all love!
I super love porridge that are thick like this :D 

Here is the handsome boy that eating deliciously. 

After eating, went to take photos and shopping~~
Mum bought mini oreo for me :D 

Oh and finally the lazy ass aka me finally take photo and able to send the mail~

Take a moment and look at that adorable stamp! 

Love how angle is everything!
Sometime i wonder why can't our IC photo be our selfie.....even though deep down i know why :P 


PS: people, for your information, i'm not working anymore! :) Decided to have me time for the first month of 2015!

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