Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Out with Family :)

Hello human :) After going out with my friends, obviously i also have to spend time with my family :) This outing was the next day after the outing with Deon and Li Wen. And yes, it was really rare for me to go out consecutive. This is so not me. Anyway, this outing purpose was also go and see my aunt.


Selfie :)

Kind of surprise about this. 

Went to eat. And............i forget to take photos of the foods :P
Anyway, this hawker is near compasspoint. 
The banana drink damn nice!

Dad! :D
Just when i told them taking selfies must from high angle.....
This happen......

Dad and brother :)

Literally roll eyes 360 degree when i reach the hospital.
Because there was a certain time to go in and visit patient. 
And they only allow 2 people to go in until a certain time.....
So i and my brother have to wait....... :( 
Luckily, i brought my earpiece and my storybook :)

So we went to eat again.............And i never order anything because i was full...
Even though i did eat a spoonful of ice kacang. 
That place was so freaking dangerous.
I ALMOST got bird shit on my shirt. 

Selfies to make my mood better.

Finally get to see aunt.
Honestly, i hate the scene.
It was so pitiful....
I swear i hate hospital.
Everyone was so negative and deadly.
Honestly, i never stay there for long.
After a while i can't take it anymore and went out myself.

After that, we went Chinatown to eat dinner :)

Mum :D

The foods :D 


It was good to be back home :) 
That's all for this post ;)
Bye :) 

PS: I will blog about my work day soon! Decided to copy paste from my dayre because it was pretty much the same things :) 
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