Thursday, December 4, 2014

Outing with Primary School Friends :D

Hi human :D So the day after i have my girls outing, the next day i have another girls outing again :D This time was with my primary school friends :D It's been a long time since i last see them! I miss them so so so much! :D They never change at all!!!! :D I'm grateful for that!


Selfie because that's me ;) 

Went to eat at Curry House. But because i was so full, i didn't order anything except plain water that was free! 
Deon order salad while Li Wen order some curry rice that i don't know what's that call...
Since i never try before, i steal foods from Li Wen! 
And Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was like the best curry rice ever! 
Better than the pizza hut that i ate which i written in my previous post!
I swear i'm going to go back and eat at curry house!

And yes, the usual :) 
At Kbox! 
Sing a lot of songs. Mostly Chinese, English and Korean :)
Actually we never really sing.....we was like shouting and screaming and dancing because we were high! 
Hahahahaha! And no, we are not on drug.
Say no to drug.
The typical me, snacking away all the snack and drink all the drink.
And oh my god, orchard kbox toilet was the worse toilet i ever use in my entire 17 years of life. 
Like, i'm not even kidding. It feels like nobody clean that toilet for thousands years. The smell of vomit and i don't know what shit oh my god. 
I'm so glad i survived. 

Of course we must take selfies :D 
Li Wen, Deon and Me :) 

After that home sweet home :D 
Having dinner with mum and brother :)
I even bought my favourite drinks ;) 

And oh my gosh! Sister bought my favourite too :D 

That's all for this post :D
Thanks for reading :)
Bye :) 
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