Monday, December 29, 2014

Random short post :P

Hi human :) I'm back :D Been really busy with work and to be honest, most of the post i already type it before hand and save as draft so when i was busy and i think it was time to publish the post, it is easier for me! However, it was not the case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even have the time to freaking on the computer! Anyway, this will be a short post full of photos! :D 

Went to eat BR again! This time i eat with ZiYun and Lingli :D 
I order Chocolate chip and Tiramisu :D
Kind of disappointed about the chocolate chip because it was not as nice as i thought it would be however, the Tiramisu i highly recommend to coffee lover :D Super love! 

Back home.
Drinking and eating my favourite food :D

Just look at this beauty!

Anyway, one of my french horn senior was on the magazine of NYP! :D 
Actually i didn't see/know about it until Siew Yi snapchat me :P 
Take a look at compasspoint christmas tree...
So beautiful.
Sometime i want my own christmas tree too......

Yeah, that's all for this random post. 
I know this post was short :P 
but still.....

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