Saturday, January 31, 2015

Movie - Bring Back The Dead

I went Yishun one day to watch movie with Li Wen! :D As you can see from the title, we watch "Bring Back The Dead" :D Say until movie, i have so many movies i want to watch this year! Hopefully, I'm able to watch all of the movies that i want to watch! :) Anyway, this was my first ghost movie in 2015! :P I hope more to come because i love watching ghost movie! 

Let me give this movie a short review! I should say that this movie, the ghost was not scary at all. It will be scary at first because you have no idea about the whole story but once you know the whole story, it was not scary! Trust me! In fact, this movie was really really touching! The storyline was not too bad too! I will give this movie a thumb up! 
Rating : 4/5 :) 


After the movie, we went to the usual to eat our dinner! 


Check out the big spoon!!

My salmon!! :D 

After that home sweet home :D 

I really enjoy time alone sometime. But it was also important to spend time with family and friends. :) 

Peace out for now :) 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Seletar Mall - Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

This was my first time going to Seletar Mall and i hope i'm not the last one going there! It seems like people have been going there several times and well....... this was my first time going there. But, better late than never! So i went there with my family and we decided to eat Bak Kut Teh for dinner! It was really delicious and the meat was really tender! Will revisit them again if i have the chance! 

After dinner, we went shopping ~
And i bought a couple of stuffs at The Paper Stone :) 
Super love their stationery :D 
It is sweet and cute too! 
To be honest, i can't wait to use my planner when i start my poly life :D 

One of the macaroon exercise book is my sister.
And the exercise books below is also my sister!

So yah! That's all for this post :)
Thanks for reading! 
Bye :D 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Korean BBQ / Starbucks :D

I swear uploading all those foods pictures to my blog made me hungry!!!! :P Looking back, reading my old posts and feeling how blessed i am! No complain.....for now! Hahahahaha :P My blog most of the time was filled with foods :P 

OOTD! :D Whenever i was taking OOTD..... I always told myself that i need to buy more clothes....
But then again, i don't have the money and.......I have a lot of clothes! It just that i seldom wear them! 
Few days before, i even clear my wardrobe and donate those clothes that i no longer wear them! 

When Starbuck was having sample......Of course must get! 

Went Nex to have Korean BBQ with ZiYun and LingLi! 
Since we promise LingLi that we would go out one day to eat Korean BBQ because she never try it before!
Delicious foods is awesome! 
Awesome foods and awesome company :D 

Since Starbuck having 1 for 1 :D 
Must buy! :D 
Bought 2 java chip since that's my favourite :D 

After that i eat dinner with family :)

And then home sweet home :) 

Hahahahaha! :P To be honest, a lot of Korean celebrity is doing this pose with their hand! 
At first i thought they are counting money but now i was actually a heart :P 
Dumb or dumb seriously! I find myself so funny sometime i want to marry myself! Hahahaha :P
Bye :D 
Thanks for reading :) 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Holy Cow Creamery :)

I finally get to eat dessert with Li Wen at Holy Cow Creamery!!! :D I have always wanted to try their waffles with ice cream at Holy Cow Creamery ever since Li Wen uploaded a picture of their waffles on Instagram! Since that time i didn't get to eat it because we didn't know they closed on Monday....:( So we ended up eating at Gelare instead....Which is more expensive.......You can read the post HERE ! Anyway, Holy Cow Creamery located at Blk 292 Yishun St 22 #01-291. You can follow their Instagram HERE for more information! 

To be honest, i really love their environment :) 
You can choose to eat inside or outside! 
The inside have air-con which is awesome because the country we living here is summer all year round!

My waffles!!!!!! :D
Ice cream : Nutella Cheesecake (My favourite omgomgomg!) & Brownie Mars ! :D 
And apparently, i and Li Wen ordered the same thing!
Sometime it was scary that we do the same thing and think the same thing! 
She is my soul mate honestly! 
We stay there quite long because we were chatting and having heart to heart talk! 
You know, sometime it was important to have a heart to heart talk with a friend you trust a lot. 
I'm really glad to have such friends :) 
After that, we went to some where to wait for his brother after tuition! 
My mood was kind of ruin when an old couple actually came up to us and wanted to tell us about god and Christian...... Because this totally reminded me of my first day of work.
But luckily, when we decline listening, they didn't force us to listen even though i overheard their conversation saying they will start talking about god when i and Li Wen stop talking to each other. 
Which luckily we didn't! 
I just think that we respect their religion, they should do the same. 
No hatred about religion here, i just don't like it when people trying to force me to like their religion. 
After that, home sweet home :D 
Thanks for reading guys! :D 
I really appreciate it! :) 

PS: Forgot to mention in my previous post that ZiYun gave me chocolate! I finally get to try the peanut butter cup! It was super nice! And also i forgot to mention that i'm lucky that i didn't drop my FNN! Perseverance is the key to success! :D 

Friday, January 23, 2015

End of my Secondary School life

Hi! :D So as you guys know, i finally graduated from my Secondary School on 12 January :) Which was also the day that i took my O-level result slip! :) That day, i went Nex with ZiYun, Lingli and Gillian because i want to queue for my 12 cupcakes since they have sale, 1 for $0.50. I went there quite early but sadly the queue was way too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So long that i know even if i queue, it will not be my turn! So, we went shopping, eating, drinking, chit chatting and just trying to chill even though we were really anxious. So, we went Smoothie King because Gillian want to eat her breakfast! I and ZiYun order drink only! My reason is not because i anxious because i don't have appetite in the morning. 

Gillian Breakfast!

She also ordered a drink.....But i forgot the name
I only remember it tastes like chocolate....

ZiYun ordered banana drink!

This was my first time buying any drink from Smoothie King and i should said that i probably won't buy from them again.
I ordered Mango drink.....And it was so nasty that i can't finish the whole drink because i just don't have the courage to force myself to drink something that i don't like...........
ZiYun banana drink is nice though.......But i will prefer to buy it from Kopitiam as their banana milk is the bomb and cheap!

Group selfies :D 

ZiYun, Me, Gillian and LingLi! :D

With our form teachers :D 
Ms Zuhailah and Mrs Stephen :D 

ZiYun, Cai Yue, Ms Zuhailah, Peng Xian, LingLi, Me and Ting Feng :D 
So that's the end of the post :) 
I should said that overall, i'm okay with my result! :) 
I mean i have nothing to regret on because i already done my best!
And oh my god, you guys have no idea how happy i am to pass my Amath! 
And it was like not those just pass grade okay!!!!
And Mr Aw was like finding me and congratulate me!
Oh my god.......Mr Aw is my favourite teacher even though he only teach me almost 1 year!
He was the most patient, encouraging and full of positive vibe teacher in the whole entire world i swear!!!! 
He was the one that willing to entertain me after school and during holiday just because i was in doubt of Amath questions! 
I really think both of our hardwork pay off!
You have no idea how happy i am and i kept thanking him non-stop! 
This is the feeling i want.
Feeling happy because my hardwork pay off.
Of course i want to thank all the teachers that teach me from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 :D
I love you guys :) 
Muack :*