Friday, January 2, 2015

An Outing With Li Wen & Her Brother

It was so funny that everyone was like blogging about what they learnt or basically just reflect the year 2014 and here i am trying to publish some of my post as soon as possible because i have pile up a lot of post that have yet to publish! I should like totally focus on blogging and try to finish blogging about 2014 activities. To be honest, some.......actually most of the photos is still in my phone that have yet to transfer to computer! OMG! I should totally transfer after finishing this blog post. 

Anyway, went out with Li Wen and her brother on first of December 2014! 
Oh by the way, welcome to my first 2015 blog post :D

The outfit that you guys see a million time but get to see it again on 2015 :D 

Selfie ~

So we went to eat Japanese ramen.

Green tea for Li Wen

And plain water for me :D 

Li Wen Brother food.

My food :D
 Actually they still order soft shell crab but i didn't get to take a picture! 

Dumpling ;)
After that went shopping! 
Went to Cotton On and bought myself work shoes because i broke 4 shoes in 1 month! 
Bought it at $10!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we went to a shop that sell ice cream and waffle however, they close on Monday :( 
Oh and i made a really really stupid joke. 
If i'm not wrong we are at Yishun. 
Because i don't know the place well and i thought the shop that selling waffle is at Woodland.
Li Wen say that we just have to walk and we will reach the shop. 
So when we were reaching i was like............Reach woodland liao? 
And her brother was laughing like mad.
He added, woah where got so fast de? 
Then we should walk some more so that we can reach Jurong.
So ended up we all laughing together! 
Probably you reading this you might not get it or maybe you don't find it funny but i swear at that point of time, it was a damn funny joke. 

So ended up, we eat at Gelare since it was kind of a same thing except this is more expensive.

And i feel freaking cheated because this is my first time eating this.
I didn't know, different days different flavour. 
Hence, i felt cheated because the flavour i want was not selling that day. 

Li Wen waffles! 
Strawberry and Jamaican Chocolate :) 
With maple syrup.

My waffles :) 
Jamaican Chocolate and Oregon Hazelnut  :D 
With Chocolate syrup.
To be honest, Oregon Hazelnut is much more delicious than Jamaican Chocolate :) 
After that, wanted to buy Starbuck because 1 for 1.........
But, the queue was so long that i have no patient to wait.
So reach home. Eat dinner with family. :) 

Peace out :) 

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