Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas :D

Do you guys celebrate Christmas? I didn't! But all the fancy Christmas decorations made me miss Christmas so much while looking back at photos. It was so shocking that days went by so fast. I still cannot accept the fact that it is already 2015 and i am about to get my O-level results next week. Woah, super fast! I also didn't make any New Year resolution even though deep down i know that i won't stick to it even if i try hard to. Anyway, enough of my crap. I should move on to what the actual post is about.

So i went out with ZiYun, Gillian and ReiChi. Lena didn't join us because she was sick. As usual, we went shopping and eat!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Of course, we can't forget our chit chatting session :)

My OOTD!!!
Something new eh ;)
Steal this shirt from my sister wardrobe. 
Crop away my leg because it was freaking chubby :P

Wearing grey contact lens for the very first time :D 

Went to visit the famous modern library! Not that bad luh. But i think it was too overrated.
I mean it was still normal library to me anyway. 
Nothing really special to me.
Went shopping because Gillian wanted to find present for his friend!
After that eat dinner :D 
Eat at our usual Korean bbq!
Played a game. 
Stack our phone and those who going to use phone lose and going to treat us all.
Ended up we all won.

See all that deliciousness. 

Christmas decorations all over :D


Fun fact. I actually kind of tip toes for this photos. 
Plus i still wore platform shoes sia walao.

Okay! End of our selfies :P
We decided to walk to plaza sing to have a drink. 
Nah not beer. 

Hot green tea

Mocha frappe

caramel frappe


So we chit chat and after that went home :D
 It was great to spend awesome nights with friends :D
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