Friday, January 23, 2015

End of my Secondary School life

Hi! :D So as you guys know, i finally graduated from my Secondary School on 12 January :) Which was also the day that i took my O-level result slip! :) That day, i went Nex with ZiYun, Lingli and Gillian because i want to queue for my 12 cupcakes since they have sale, 1 for $0.50. I went there quite early but sadly the queue was way too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So long that i know even if i queue, it will not be my turn! So, we went shopping, eating, drinking, chit chatting and just trying to chill even though we were really anxious. So, we went Smoothie King because Gillian want to eat her breakfast! I and ZiYun order drink only! My reason is not because i anxious because i don't have appetite in the morning. 

Gillian Breakfast!

She also ordered a drink.....But i forgot the name
I only remember it tastes like chocolate....

ZiYun ordered banana drink!

This was my first time buying any drink from Smoothie King and i should said that i probably won't buy from them again.
I ordered Mango drink.....And it was so nasty that i can't finish the whole drink because i just don't have the courage to force myself to drink something that i don't like...........
ZiYun banana drink is nice though.......But i will prefer to buy it from Kopitiam as their banana milk is the bomb and cheap!

Group selfies :D 

ZiYun, Me, Gillian and LingLi! :D

With our form teachers :D 
Ms Zuhailah and Mrs Stephen :D 

ZiYun, Cai Yue, Ms Zuhailah, Peng Xian, LingLi, Me and Ting Feng :D 
So that's the end of the post :) 
I should said that overall, i'm okay with my result! :) 
I mean i have nothing to regret on because i already done my best!
And oh my god, you guys have no idea how happy i am to pass my Amath! 
And it was like not those just pass grade okay!!!!
And Mr Aw was like finding me and congratulate me!
Oh my god.......Mr Aw is my favourite teacher even though he only teach me almost 1 year!
He was the most patient, encouraging and full of positive vibe teacher in the whole entire world i swear!!!! 
He was the one that willing to entertain me after school and during holiday just because i was in doubt of Amath questions! 
I really think both of our hardwork pay off!
You have no idea how happy i am and i kept thanking him non-stop! 
This is the feeling i want.
Feeling happy because my hardwork pay off.
Of course i want to thank all the teachers that teach me from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 :D
I love you guys :) 
Muack :* 

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