Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fann's Work Life :) (Part 2: Visuals)

Hi human :) I just went and see my blog using phone and i realised the wordy pictures from my previous blog post was hard to read through phone. I was kind of shocked because i thought the pictures will be too big instead of small. But it's okay! Home girl have solutions! You can either 1) read it from computer or 2) Change my blog to web version (go to my blog through phone and scroll all the way down to press the web version. You can zoom in to read the wordy pictures.)

Anyway, this post will not be too wordy as you can see from the title, this post will be visual. Meaning, there were be a lot of photos! 



Candy do sandwich for me

Decided to bought red velvet frappe one day with ZiYun since our work end at the same!
It was nice!

Decided to try out red velvet latte one day too and turn out it was not that good....

This was after back home from work and my brother said he wanted to fold origami sword with me.
And i did.

When you reach too early for work.
Camp at the toilet and take ton of selfies.


Bought gifts for full timer! Christmas/birthday gift! 
Credit to Angeline since she went out and pick the presents!

Dinner! Home cook foods is the best!

Paint my nails after i quit my job!
Lazy to remove excess nail polish stain because well....lazy

Bought this 2 cups :P 

Childhood lah!

Benson Christmas gift!

Rowena Christmas gift!

Candy Christmas gift! Didn't expect myself to own a choker necklace though!

Ann Christmas gift!

All black!

Candy treat!

End work at 4pm that day and chiong home to watch my MAMA! 
Took ton of photos of mike because Li Wen didn't watch the first part and she miss his part!

Dinner! This was the time when family waiting for me and sister to end work!

Work night shift until morning 7am! Hence, eat mac breakfast with sister!

Da bomb!


Recommended by ZiYun! Since ZiYun said this taste nice, confirm nice!

Finally got to wear my uniform!

Li Wen surprise me with cupcakes when i was working!
She is my bae! 
Thank you Li Wen!
Love love you!!!!

Boss treat!
The chocolate one is super nice! I'm not even kidding!

One of the regular customer treat!

Group selfies!

Price tagging day!
Selene, Candy, Me, Arielle and Angeline
(the pink colour shirt i don't know her name.....)

Celebrating Rowena birthday!

Candy, Hui Xin, JiaYi, Arielle, Rowena, Jaslynn, Ann and me :D 

JiaYi and Arielle look like they were promoting the cakes! :P 

And my sister join afterward!

The birthday girl!

Benson the manager! 

Angeline!!!! She is the best i swear! 

The end :D 

PS: Sorry for the late post! Was freaking busy filling enrollment form and is stressing me out! 

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