Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Korean BBQ / Starbucks :D

I swear uploading all those foods pictures to my blog made me hungry!!!! :P Looking back, reading my old posts and feeling how blessed i am! No complain.....for now! Hahahahaha :P My blog most of the time was filled with foods :P 

OOTD! :D Whenever i was taking OOTD..... I always told myself that i need to buy more clothes....
But then again, i don't have the money and.......I have a lot of clothes! It just that i seldom wear them! 
Few days before, i even clear my wardrobe and donate those clothes that i no longer wear them! 

When Starbuck was having sample......Of course must get! 

Went Nex to have Korean BBQ with ZiYun and LingLi! 
Since we promise LingLi that we would go out one day to eat Korean BBQ because she never try it before!
Delicious foods is awesome! 
Awesome foods and awesome company :D 

Since Starbuck having 1 for 1 :D 
Must buy! :D 
Bought 2 java chip since that's my favourite :D 

After that i eat dinner with family :)

And then home sweet home :) 

Hahahahaha! :P To be honest, a lot of Korean celebrity is doing this pose with their hand! 
At first i thought they are counting money but now i know.....it was actually a heart :P 
Dumb or dumb seriously! I find myself so funny sometime i want to marry myself! Hahahaha :P
Bye :D 
Thanks for reading :) 

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