Saturday, January 31, 2015

Movie - Bring Back The Dead

I went Yishun one day to watch movie with Li Wen! :D As you can see from the title, we watch "Bring Back The Dead" :D Say until movie, i have so many movies i want to watch this year! Hopefully, I'm able to watch all of the movies that i want to watch! :) Anyway, this was my first ghost movie in 2015! :P I hope more to come because i love watching ghost movie! 

Let me give this movie a short review! I should say that this movie, the ghost was not scary at all. It will be scary at first because you have no idea about the whole story but once you know the whole story, it was not scary! Trust me! In fact, this movie was really really touching! The storyline was not too bad too! I will give this movie a thumb up! 
Rating : 4/5 :) 


After the movie, we went to the usual to eat our dinner! 


Check out the big spoon!!

My salmon!! :D 

After that home sweet home :D 

I really enjoy time alone sometime. But it was also important to spend time with family and friends. :) 

Peace out for now :) 
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