Saturday, January 10, 2015

Movie time :) - Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Hey yo all my readers :) Went Nex one day to watch a movie with ZiYun and Gillian! Apparently i didn't meet ZiYun first was because.................................................I OVERSLEPT! Oh my god you guys! I have no idea why i didn't put an alarm clock! Or maybe i did but i didn't heard the alarm ring..........I don't know. 

Mum woke me up and i realise i was late! The thing you guys didn't know was i almost had a panic attack like wtf..............I didn't want to miss my show because ZiYun already bought it online for us. Imagine my $12 fly away just because i overslept. *Hit my heart* *heartache* *heart is bleeding*. Okay, a little too over dramatic here.

Anyway, luckily ZiYun change the timing from 12.50pm to 3pm! But i still dashed out of the house like a crazy women. After i reached, we went to eat shave ice :D. Gillian ordered chocolate, ZiYun ordered mango and i ordered durian! I was like asking them if they hate durian just in case they don't like the smell. 

Durian shave ice :P

Souvenirs from Korea!!! :D Thanks ZiYun :D 
Already used the hand cream on the spot when she pass it to me.
The hand cream does it jobs well and gosh it smells damn nice! 
It came at the right time too! Since my hands is always dry!
Watch the movie, Night at the Museum. 
Amazing movie i should say!
I actually cried. 
Imagine ZiYun and Gillian face hahahahaha!!! They totally like wtf you crying?! 
I thought all those "human" cannot alive again ma......
So sad wor. Cannot alive meaning all you been through with them become memory.
But when i watched until the very very end.
I realised i shed tear for nothing because they alive again.
Sorry for being a spoiler by the way.
And i was blaming why they made it years later instead of month later.
The years still so long wor.

Went to Sephora after the movie.
Oh my god, really love 2 of the Marc Jacobs nail polishes. 
But in the end i didn't buy it because it was too expensive!!!!
 Anyway, I and ZiYun bought Marc Jacobs lip gloss for Gillian as her birthday present :) 
It was in shade 210 Boom Boom.
The colour is super pigmented and is in a really nice shade :) 
Even i myself in love of the shade.
After that home sweet home :) 

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