Thursday, January 8, 2015

Primary School Friends Outing

Just realise that this blog is all filled with either family outing or friends outing :P Bear with me guys. I just love to share happy moment with you guys instead of those sad and angry moment (even though i did that sometime and i'm going to rant a little here). So, i decided to take a day off from my busy work schedule and meet up with my primary school friends. It was definitely worth it because some of them i only see them like.....once a year. I did enjoy myself even though i am a little bit frustrated and i believe i am not the only one that felt like that. Firstly was the rain. It freaking rain almost the whole day when we were at East Coast Park trying to BBQ. Li Wen was the one organising this outing and i know that she really upset about it. But honestly, we blame no one because none of us expect the weather to be such a bitch. Secondly, i thought we will BBQ until night time like how we used to be in the past. But ended up, some of them only can stay until like 5pm+. This actually piss the hell out of me because i thought when they said they were free, it actually mean free the whole day you know. End up, they only free for like half day -.-. Haiz....Positive thought. At least they came.  Okay that's all for my rant.

 I still enjoy myself at the BBQ anyway :) For your information, i did stay until night time to BBQ with Li Wen, Juinn Guan, Wallace and Jie Qian. :D Even though only 5 of us stay, it was still fun and enjoyable one :) 

I remember how i shared umbrella with Deon and Cheng Yee when we finally reached our destination. It was a really long ride. We were like laughing, cursing and chatting! It was fun! Then we still played poker card under the shelter while waiting for the rain to stop :D. 


Grass Jelly! :) 

Take group photos first :D 

Yeah. See the bitch weather -.-
Because of the weather, we can't BBQ until at night time.
A lot of people actually didn't get to eat the BBQ foods.
So they eat the puffs, grass jelly, cold fried rice and cold bee hoon....
Honestly, i think the fried rice was nice even if it was cold. However, mostly my friends said i have problem because it was super cold and hard like rock. 
Some still pat my shoulder/back and shake their head....
Honestly, it was not bad to me.

Finally able to BBQ! 
The rain only stop for a while and after that it was heavy rain again! 
Instead of covering ourselves from the rain, we were covering the foods! 
As you guys have guess it. I was drenched.
No.....We were drenched.
But it was fun! 
It's been a long time!
First time eating in the rain.
How romantic.
Better than dancing in the rain.
This is the memory i will never forget.
Oh! I and Jie Qian also rant about FNN. Gosh. It seems like everyone find the second last essay hard.
Bellcurve please drop thank you!

My face literally when it rains again.
*roll eyes 360 degree*.
Finally clean up the area and brought some foods home because we simply can't finish large amount of foods.
Even though the guys appetite was hella big!

I brought home butter corn and crab meat.
Oh my god guys, the butter corn was super nice.
I actually also want to brought home the sambal stingray but it was not that nice.
And the shrimp was damn smelly that i cannot take it. 
After eating, went home with Jie Qian, Juinn Guan and Wallace.
Was chatting the whole time while walking to the bus stop.
Oh my god. I have to say that they were still the same which i am very grateful for. 
Still the same old them, super funny. 
I was laughing the whole time.
We chat about the BBQ, the old time and about some people that i won't mention their name since we agree among ourselves that this is our secret. 
We waited for the bus but Wallace parents actually agree to fetch us.
So his parents drop Juinn Guan and me off at Nex while Jie Qian was another bus stop near his house.
Really thanks Wallace parents!
They were super kind and friendly!
I appreciate that!
I was silently telling myself that next time if i was a parents, i have to be generous and friendly toward my kids friends.

Jie Qian given this sweets to us.
Hell good! Was finding this sweet everywhere but i can't find it!
Moreover, all our new learnt favourite phrase to say "sour".

Back home. Sister bought Starbuck cheesecakes and drinks :D 
Blessed blessed blessed :D 

Thanks for reading this post! Home girl appreciate it :D 
Peace out! :) 

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