Saturday, February 28, 2015

10 Facts About Fann !

Hi human! It's been a while since i did facts about me simply because it was so difficult to think of some facts! I actually want to make a video for this but i give up.....I look so awkward in front of the camera. Anyway, i actually did this 2 years back on my birthday......I actually read back just now and realised most of the things have change. But, if you are still interested in reading 16 years old Fann facts, here it is! 30 Facts about Fann !

Anyway, moving on to 18 years old Fann Facts :)

1) I don't really watch a lot of show. But, i absolutely love to watch Youtube videos. I watch all kind of videos such as makeup tutorials, hairstyles, tag videos, cookings and vlogs! Moreover, i watch it every single day! I even make 2 blog posts talking about my favourite youtubers recently. You can read it here! Favourite Youtubers part 1 and Favourite Youtubers part 2.

2) I love to wear romper! This is because it is one piece and i doesn't have to think about mix and match my outfits! Side note, i only hate it when i have to pee!

3) I am a super lazy person and i procrastinate a lot! When i say a lot, i mean it. I even procrastinate now because i should be doing my homework and projects........oh and revise....

4) My mood change really really fast. I can be happy and the next second i will be really sad and grumpy or angry! When i am angry, i prefer people don't talk to me because i will just scold you and get annoyed whether you are right or wrong, kind or curious. Just don't talk to me. This is for your safety.

5) I am a really bad temper person. I get angry really easily and annoyed easily.

6) I am a really stubborn person! It is really hard for people to change my mind. And sometime people are just so annoying and keep convincing me about certain thing. Sometime i agree with them because i just want them to shut up. In my mind, i will still go my way because well..... i think i'm right. Unless the person is logical like my sister and want the best for me.

7) Most of the time people will ask me why am i angry or sad.... the funny thing is i'm feeling neutral. I kind of know why because i have rbf.....aka resting bitch face.

8) I actually got best character award when i was in primary school. To be honest, i was shock because my attitude at that time suck like hell. 10 times worse than now i swear. I still remember my primary school teacher was also shock too when he pass me the speech day invitation card.

9) The only subjects that i never fail before is my Chinese. In fact i get distinction throughout my primary and secondary school years. This is also the reason why my English is really bad because i always speak in Chinese since i come from a Chinese family.

10) I used to addicted to computer game. Especially audition. This is also the thing that i'm kind of regret because audition make my temper even worse and my grade drop even more. I remember i spoiled 2 keyboard while playing this game. Anyway, i successfully quit this bad habit because my computer died on me and when i bought a new computer, i try to download the game back but can't. 

So, that's all for the 10 facts! I actually want to do another 10 more facts so watch out for that posts :) I'm not sure if i will be blogging the next 2 weeks though because i'm having TP camp starting from next Monday :D So yup! Bye :) 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Short update of my life.

Hi human :) This is going to be a short update of my life. As most of you know that i have already started school, so life have been quite busy for me. Even though i only started school for a few weeks, i can already feel the stress coming. In fact, i am really stress now as i am currently doing one of my individual project. I have been doing this project for days already and i don't know if i am pushing myself too hard or whatever, i just don't satisfied and understand my homework well enough. Since i am going to have my first ever individual presentation alone, i am really nervous. I don't even remember when was the last time i stand alone talking and presenting something and i keep stressing myself that i have to do well for my project due to GPA. Stress is good but too stress is not good. I am currently trying to say out what i feel right now because i just need somewhere to explode. As most of my friends know that i cannot handle stress well and i stress way too easily. I am really thankful to friends that help me, motivate me, giving me advise, listening to me ranting and cheering me up. I also feel really thankful to have this blog that allow me to share my thoughts and feelings. Honestly, thank you and i am feeling really blessed! 

Oh! Another thing i want to mention! On 19 February 2015, something happened that shock the hell out of me. My blog page view on that day was 355!!! I have never encounter 3 digits within a day before so thank you to all those that read my humble blog! I really appreciate it and happy that there actually someone out there interested in my blog post and read what i wrote. Thank you! 

For now, i will try my best to update this blog once a week! Really thank you to those who came and read my blog and waiting for me to update :) I love you guys! :*

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chinatown with family :)

On 31 January 2015, i went Chinatown with my family to see their official light up. To be honest, i went there last year to see official light up so.....this year i'm dread to go. Deep down i know Chinatown will be so packed with people and i hate going to crowded places even places that i tend to go and shop for clothes aka Bugis Street. Don't be wrong, i love Bugis Street but i just hate how crowded it is. Moreover, in my opinion Chinatown don't really have a shop that i love hence, i don't shop there because there were simply nothing to shop. Needless to say, going Chinatown on January, all their shops will be selling Chinese New Year foods and decoration stuffs which i have totally no interest in (except the foods but i don't really eat them to be honest.). Okay, anyway i still went with my family because i think family time is important and i went because of the delicious dinner we were be having.

My outfit. It's been a long time since i last worn romper and this romper look like pyjamas.
But anyway, i still worn it outs because i lazy to change. 

To be truthful here, it's been quite a while since i last took a nice selfie.
Most of the time i just wear until really simple or the outfit totally don't match.
I also wear glasses and no makeup on. 
Even when i went poly, i still no motivation to dress myself up. 
True friends don't care how you look, remember that! 

With my brother. 
We both hate going to Chinatown.

Happy kids is us alright! 
You guess it right!
Waiting for foods! 

This is the fish plate! Because this fish was so nice i have to mention it here.
We ate at Chinatown coffee shop for your information. 
This particular stall that sell this fish dish is super delicious!
Something i don't understand is they don't have a lot of customers.
I swear this stall is better than the famous stall since i tried it. 
The stall of this fish is 02-204 and 123 is their stall name. 
Go try if you go there, you won't regret it and thank me later ;) 

Pictures below was what we ate. Bought from various stall hence i have no idea which was from which stalls. 

The vegetable not nice.......Especially the sauce. Gosh! 

Here is the Chinatown views~

That's all! :D 
After that i was so happy that i finally reached home :P 
You know, bed is my bae ;) 

PS: Have been really stress lately. Pardon me. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

A mixed of date (Throwback)

Throwback to the time when i first have my check up and x-ray done for my poly. :D 
Thanks dad for accompany and bringing me to the hospital since this was my first time and i know nothing back then :P
I was super blur back then. I didn't know there were lockers to put my clothes and i don't know i have to tie my hair. 

I swear last year and this year i drank a lot of starbuck :P 
Thanks to 1 for 1.

Something i haven been doing for a while. 
Making ham and cheese sandwiches for the family :) 

Here is my messy bun.
Got tumblr feel not? 

The bun my brother ask me to take picture of.

Speaking of brother. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Hopefully you are able to be more mature!

Sometime i just want simple meal like this.

This is so freaking good! 
Plus it is inexpensive! ;) 
Go buy now! Thanks me later :D 

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day everyone :D Didn't notice yesterday was Friday the 13th which also mean Black Friday. It was considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.....Fortunately, nothing bad happen yesterday! And before anyone ask me something like "You believe this kind of things meh?" The answer is yes. I am quite superstitious. Anyway, i just want to take this time to say that Valentine's day is just a normal day. Honestly, i feel that Valentine day is just too overrated by people. I know to some people out there, today is a special day to show their love but....seriously, we shouldn't only show love during Valentine's day. In fact, we should show it everyday! I really hate how people have this mindset that Valentine's day is only for those who attached. Seriously, it's not! Valentine's day = Love. So, spend with your love one! Whether it is your other half, family and friends! You also can choose to spend it on yourself by spending some alone time with yourself. Do something that make you happy! I know some people have been doing things for other instead of themselves and they are not happy and they feel tired all the time. I really think that if you don't fight for yourself, no one will do that for you. 

In order to love someone else wholeheartedly, it is important to love yourself first. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Favourite Youtubers !!!

Hi human! Since i did a blog post basically talking about my favourite beauty youtubers, i decided to do another one! This time, i will be mentioning youtubers that do hair tutorials, vlog, cooking, dance cover, entertainment, workout, nail tutorials and blogger channels. I think this will be a pretty short post because i will not go in details as it was quite self explanatory. 

Hair Channels:
- Cutegirlshairstyles 
- Bebexo
- x3Haha

Nails Channel:
- Cutepolish (She create the easier yet pretty nail tutorials ever)

Workout Channel:
- Blogilates

Vlog Channels:
- Bubzvlogz
- WahlieTV
- Vlogbby11
- ItsJudysLife (She have another channels called "ItsMommysLife" and i have to say Juliana opening the egg surprise videos was so freaking cute!!!)
- StyleSuzivlogs
- TheGridMonster

Cooking Channels:
- Laura In The Kitchen
- OnePotChefShow
- Eugenie Kitchen
- Rosanna Pansino
- Ochikeron
- Entertaining With Beth

Dance Cover Channels:
- St319 Production Team
- Kaotsun

Entertainment/Funny Channels:
- Bubbiosity (Even though Bubzbeauty don't do this channel anymore, but it was good to look back and make me laugh!) 
- TreePotatoes
- JianHao Tan
- Jennxpenn
- rrcherrypie group

Blogger Channels:
- Speishi
- Naomi Neo
- BenRanAway
-Rachell Tan

So yeah! That's all for this post! 
Bye :) 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daiso Eyeshadows Review :)

Hi human! Technically speaking, this is my first time doing a Daiso makeup product review! So i hope my review will help you in some way or another. :)
Feel free to ask me question or give me suggestion on improving my review. :) 

So here is the product that i bought! If you are wondering, i bought this eyeshadow palette at Rivervale Mall - Daiso! I really love the packaging (combination of gold and black, my favourite colour combination!)  as well as the colour shown! 
The reason that i bought this palette is because i just can't resist the temptation to buy because the colour shown is so pretty and i want to see how it works since it was inexpensive, only cost $2! It doesn't hurt to try isn't it? :P 

It comes with an applicator as seen below.
 To be honest, i love how the applicator is in different shape and size. 
In my opinion, i think the left side of the applicator suit for applying at the eye socket/crease area/inner corner of the eyes while the right side of the applicator suit for applying the whole eyelid. 
The applicator feel a little weird. Instead of the normal spongy kind of feel, this applicator feel like silicon. 

Anyway, here is the eyeshadows! 
I actually smell it because i quite particular about smell.
And i have to say it smells unpleasant. 
It smells like medicine in my opinion.....or maybe i should say the smell of a really old makeup.
But i have to be honest, i bought this palette about years ago so i'm not really surprise about the smell.

So here is the pigment of 1 to 2 swatches. 
I apply this swatch using my finger. (The applicator that comes with it work too but i felt that finger work better!)
For your information, i just swatch on my naked hand. No primer and no foundation! 
It glides on smoothly and feel smooth too!
As you can see, it was surprisingly pigmented! 

After that, i try to blend the eyeshadows lightly, like how i will do when i applying eyeshadow on my eyes. 
The colours faded and leave glitter everywhere! 
And yes, i forget to mention that this eyeshadows contain glitter. (Personally i love the glitter :))
This eyeshadows was powdery instead of creamy, hence does not need to warm the product!

After a few more blend! Can't really see the colours anymore.

It was super easy to wash off the product!
 I just wash it with tap water and the eyeshadows completely come off :) 
Hence, easy to remove!

In conclusion, the eyeshadows will not stay on the eyelid throughout the day. 
Personally, i will not buy it again but it was fun to try out different colour at such an inexpensive price. 
For a $2 product, i honestly feel that the outcome was not too bad! 
That's all for my review :) I hope it helps! 
Thanks for reading :)

PS: Poly start tomorrow. Wish me luck! Won't be blogging that often...........but i will try to find time! :) 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Thoughts About Starting Poly Life

3 more days left to start of my Poly life.......Time really flew by! I have to be honest, the things that i have been thinking lately, about 95% is worrying about the start of my Poly life. Imagine going to a new place and you know no one. That is scarier than watching ghost shows.
So, i decided to say it out loud through writing this blog post. I worry about a lot of things....You can say that i am overthinking. I always think about putting myself in an extremely bad position in Poly life so that i won't be surprise when i go poly alone and able to handle my emotions *cry*

The main thing i am worry/scared of is not able to make any friends. I mean i enjoy time alone to spend quality time with myself but for long term, that is so lonely! Meaning that you have no one to talk to! It's also mean i have to endure a few more months before ZiYun and Gillian are able to join me.........Worse still! What if they are in different class as me......OH MY GOD!!!!! This better don't happen! May guan yin ma let us stick together whether they like it or not! *pray sincerely*! Things will be so much easier if i'm with them! Since i have know them for 5 years and also doing project together with them will make me soooooo secure! Moreover, i still have a 2 weeks camp on March....Imagine i'm all alone....OH MY GOSH....

The other thing that kind of concern me is what am i going to wear for my first day of poly? I know first impression is important but at the same time i want to be me! I love to dress up. But i can't be dressing up every single day because that's not me. I know for sure that first day of poly, i will not be wearing any make up. This is because i am a lazy person and i know i only will put make up on some days only! I prefer to show them my makeup-less face rather than scaring them when i have no makeup on on one day. Since you know, me having makeup on and no makeup on have a huge differences. 

Another thing, i am that kind of person that always repeat my outfit. So...yeah... pretty self explanatory because i have an amazing thing call washing machine and i don't have that much money to buy new clothes everyday. Okay, moving on to next thing that bothers me.

 I become really dumb when recognising streets, classroom, new place, faces, people, their name etc. I think i really will went missing when i am in poly on first few days of school....Like seriously no joke. People that have been going out with me know that i am a complete idiot when come to that. I have no sense of direction and things around me, honestly. 

I also worry about joining CCA.........CCA able to help my testimonial but the thing is, CCA always end so late! (especially the one i feel like joining)! Imagine me reaching home at about 11:30pm.......I just can't. :( 

There are still more things that worry me......But i kept telling myself to stop overthinking and treasure the time left before poly start. Thank you for reading this post and listening to me. I feel much better after saying it out! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Favourite Beauty Guru/ Youtubers :)

If you know me, you will know that i always watch youtube videos. Like legit every single day i will watch without fail! I watch any types of video except you know.....If you are thinking dirty.. yeah.... Anyway, in this blog post i just want to share with you my favourite youtubers :D And yes, mostly i watch ALL their videos! I probably will split this into 2 or 3 posts because mainly i have too much favourite youtubers under the beauty categories.
PS: The youtubers i listed down below is not in order!!! But to be honest, those with some description is really really my top top favourite youtubers. How i wish i know them in real life!

So let's start shall we! :D 

Beauty Channel:


Oh my god you guys! The first video i watch from bubzbeauty is "5 min school makeup". That video was like 5 years ago and that was when i first hook on makeup! So yah, ever since that video i watch every single videos of her! That also mean i am a fan of her really really long! I watch her video when she was still at Northern Ireland to when she move to Hong Kong to when she first introduce Tim to when she married and now she have a child!
Oh my god is that a sign that i'm old?? Hahahaha :D
I simply just love her videos!
Instead of only doing makeup tutorials, she also have videos about nail art, haul, girl talks, hair etc.

Michelle Phan

The first video i watch from her is "Natural looking makeup toturial" and that was like 7 years ago....
Gosh, i swear this is a sign that i'm old.....
Love her video even though she change quite a lot!
But i don't care! I'm still a fan of her and still watching her videos until this day!


I can't remember how i know her channel......Maybe some youtuber like her video and i noticed it. I have to say i really love the way she speak. The way she speak is hilarious (in a good way) without trying and i can see that she have a really fun personality!
She is someone that straightforward. And oh my god, i love die her story video!


Somehow, i always fall in love how youtuber speak! In my opinion Weylie is like a sister like what she mention. You can see that she is someone that dare to talk about anything. Words cannot phrase how good she is, she is basically an awesome youtuber!
Somehow i just feel that she is really real on the camera. Like how i should phrase it......She is someone that will not act and will show her true self infront of the camera.


Come on! Who doesn't know her? She is the queen of review! I swear her review of cosmetic items is really helpful! If you ever want to buy any products, you should check her videos first! It is really informative!


Hand down! I honestly think she is the queen of editing videos! Her videos is always on point!
You can see that she spend a lot of time and effort editing the videos!
Her videos is always really colourful and i super love her DIY and outgoing personality!

Bethany Mota

Love her editing skills too! She always incorporate a lot of beautiful footage/scenery and she always put blooper at the end showing how much she was having fun while filming! She recently even interview the president Obama! Oh my god, jealous much!


To be honest, at first when i watch her video, she remind me of Bethany! Both of them are really similar in style and liking! Hence, it was no doubt that i like both of their channels! :D She is bubbly and cheerful! Love her personality too!
Some other youtubers that i watch~


-Meghan Rienks



-Ashley Nichole (She is Alisha Marie sister! Her videos is good too!)

-Maddi Bragg

-Bren Lui 大佬 B (She speak Cantonese by the way!)

-Vitale Style (Her videos about review/her favourite etc, she describe really clearly and very informative)

-Ingrid Nilsen


-dope2111 (If you are into cosplay, her video is the best! She also have other channel called "Promise Phan")



-Apriloves (Bubzbeauty sister :))

-Brooklyn & Bailey 

So yeah! That's all for my favourite beauty guru/youtubers! I'm pretty sure there were still more awesome youtubers that i have yet to discover! 
Anyway, Bye for now :D 

PS: The photos i post here was searched from google! Credit to their owner! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 goals :)

Did i even talk about my goals in this blog before? I think i didn't talk about it..... Anyway, I often set goals for myself almost every single day. I don't really care whether it is big goals (aka concern about future) or small goals like completing assignment for today (Just an example), as long as i achieved it and completed it, the feeling of satisfaction is.....................Indescribable! So here is some of my goals!

- Follow my goals and stop procrastinating!! [ You guys have no idea i nearly almost everytime never follow my goal! So this is important! What's the point of setting goal and yet never give in your best to achieve it. Am i right? I should totally stop procrastinating! Because of procrastination, i always end up little time to finish what i suppose to finish. Ended up, i will be freaking stress and then blame myself and wish to rewind the time. It always happen....]

- Try to workout more and eat more healthily. [ I know this is something i procrastinate a lot! Maybe workout once a week and try to cut down unhealthy foods! ]

-  Blog more often! [ I love to share about my activities! For examples, going out with friends and family, what i do, what i eat, where i go etcetc. ]

- Spend more time with family and friends! [ This is hell important and i'm trying to improve in this area. Because if you know me, you know i am super lazy! Whenever people want to ask me out, i always reject them or making lots of excuses just because i lazy to go. Hence, didn't get to spend time together! Just want to tell you guys i'm trying! ]

- Work harder, study harder, play harder! "It either you enjoy now suffer later or suffer now enjoy later" [ Quite self explanatory. Just give in my best when doing something! ]

- Try to write down what i'm grateful for or blessed of! [ I start doing this last year and i hope i able to do it this year too! This actually make me appreciate more. ]

- Sleep early, wake up early and be productive. Make everyday count! [ I am really bad at this.......Mainly i am a night owl and i am definitely not a morning person! But i will try! ]

- Keep my things organised and my room clean! 

- Spend less, save more! 

- Kick off my bad habit! [ I have a lot of bad habit, mainly my temper! (Scold less vulgarity too) ]

- Read more books :D 

- Live my life to the fullest! 

- Try more good food! Especially desserts! [ I know this is kind of contradicting the work out part....But....I will eat in moderation! ] 

Okay, that's all for now! What are your goals? 

Thanks for reading! Bye :)