Saturday, February 28, 2015

10 Facts About Fann !

Hi human! It's been a while since i did facts about me simply because it was so difficult to think of some facts! I actually want to make a video for this but i give up.....I look so awkward in front of the camera. Anyway, i actually did this 2 years back on my birthday......I actually read back just now and realised most of the things have change. But, if you are still interested in reading 16 years old Fann facts, here it is! 30 Facts about Fann !

Anyway, moving on to 18 years old Fann Facts :)

1) I don't really watch a lot of show. But, i absolutely love to watch Youtube videos. I watch all kind of videos such as makeup tutorials, hairstyles, tag videos, cookings and vlogs! Moreover, i watch it every single day! I even make 2 blog posts talking about my favourite youtubers recently. You can read it here! Favourite Youtubers part 1 and Favourite Youtubers part 2.

2) I love to wear romper! This is because it is one piece and i doesn't have to think about mix and match my outfits! Side note, i only hate it when i have to pee!

3) I am a super lazy person and i procrastinate a lot! When i say a lot, i mean it. I even procrastinate now because i should be doing my homework and projects........oh and revise....

4) My mood change really really fast. I can be happy and the next second i will be really sad and grumpy or angry! When i am angry, i prefer people don't talk to me because i will just scold you and get annoyed whether you are right or wrong, kind or curious. Just don't talk to me. This is for your safety.

5) I am a really bad temper person. I get angry really easily and annoyed easily.

6) I am a really stubborn person! It is really hard for people to change my mind. And sometime people are just so annoying and keep convincing me about certain thing. Sometime i agree with them because i just want them to shut up. In my mind, i will still go my way because well..... i think i'm right. Unless the person is logical like my sister and want the best for me.

7) Most of the time people will ask me why am i angry or sad.... the funny thing is i'm feeling neutral. I kind of know why because i have rbf.....aka resting bitch face.

8) I actually got best character award when i was in primary school. To be honest, i was shock because my attitude at that time suck like hell. 10 times worse than now i swear. I still remember my primary school teacher was also shock too when he pass me the speech day invitation card.

9) The only subjects that i never fail before is my Chinese. In fact i get distinction throughout my primary and secondary school years. This is also the reason why my English is really bad because i always speak in Chinese since i come from a Chinese family.

10) I used to addicted to computer game. Especially audition. This is also the thing that i'm kind of regret because audition make my temper even worse and my grade drop even more. I remember i spoiled 2 keyboard while playing this game. Anyway, i successfully quit this bad habit because my computer died on me and when i bought a new computer, i try to download the game back but can't. 

So, that's all for the 10 facts! I actually want to do another 10 more facts so watch out for that posts :) I'm not sure if i will be blogging the next 2 weeks though because i'm having TP camp starting from next Monday :D So yup! Bye :) 
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