Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 goals :)

Did i even talk about my goals in this blog before? I think i didn't talk about it..... Anyway, I often set goals for myself almost every single day. I don't really care whether it is big goals (aka concern about future) or small goals like completing assignment for today (Just an example), as long as i achieved it and completed it, the feeling of satisfaction is.....................Indescribable! So here is some of my goals!

- Follow my goals and stop procrastinating!! [ You guys have no idea i nearly almost everytime never follow my goal! So this is important! What's the point of setting goal and yet never give in your best to achieve it. Am i right? I should totally stop procrastinating! Because of procrastination, i always end up little time to finish what i suppose to finish. Ended up, i will be freaking stress and then blame myself and wish to rewind the time. It always happen....]

- Try to workout more and eat more healthily. [ I know this is something i procrastinate a lot! Maybe workout once a week and try to cut down unhealthy foods! ]

-  Blog more often! [ I love to share about my activities! For examples, going out with friends and family, what i do, what i eat, where i go etcetc. ]

- Spend more time with family and friends! [ This is hell important and i'm trying to improve in this area. Because if you know me, you know i am super lazy! Whenever people want to ask me out, i always reject them or making lots of excuses just because i lazy to go. Hence, didn't get to spend time together! Just want to tell you guys i'm trying! ]

- Work harder, study harder, play harder! "It either you enjoy now suffer later or suffer now enjoy later" [ Quite self explanatory. Just give in my best when doing something! ]

- Try to write down what i'm grateful for or blessed of! [ I start doing this last year and i hope i able to do it this year too! This actually make me appreciate more. ]

- Sleep early, wake up early and be productive. Make everyday count! [ I am really bad at this.......Mainly i am a night owl and i am definitely not a morning person! But i will try! ]

- Keep my things organised and my room clean! 

- Spend less, save more! 

- Kick off my bad habit! [ I have a lot of bad habit, mainly my temper! (Scold less vulgarity too) ]

- Read more books :D 

- Live my life to the fullest! 

- Try more good food! Especially desserts! [ I know this is kind of contradicting the work out part....But....I will eat in moderation! ] 

Okay, that's all for now! What are your goals? 

Thanks for reading! Bye :) 
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