Monday, February 16, 2015

A mixed of date (Throwback)

Throwback to the time when i first have my check up and x-ray done for my poly. :D 
Thanks dad for accompany and bringing me to the hospital since this was my first time and i know nothing back then :P
I was super blur back then. I didn't know there were lockers to put my clothes and i don't know i have to tie my hair. 

I swear last year and this year i drank a lot of starbuck :P 
Thanks to 1 for 1.

Something i haven been doing for a while. 
Making ham and cheese sandwiches for the family :) 

Here is my messy bun.
Got tumblr feel not? 

The bun my brother ask me to take picture of.

Speaking of brother. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Hopefully you are able to be more mature!

Sometime i just want simple meal like this.

This is so freaking good! 
Plus it is inexpensive! ;) 
Go buy now! Thanks me later :D 
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