Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chinatown with family :)

On 31 January 2015, i went Chinatown with my family to see their official light up. To be honest, i went there last year to see official light up so.....this year i'm dread to go. Deep down i know Chinatown will be so packed with people and i hate going to crowded places even places that i tend to go and shop for clothes aka Bugis Street. Don't be wrong, i love Bugis Street but i just hate how crowded it is. Moreover, in my opinion Chinatown don't really have a shop that i love hence, i don't shop there because there were simply nothing to shop. Needless to say, going Chinatown on January, all their shops will be selling Chinese New Year foods and decoration stuffs which i have totally no interest in (except the foods but i don't really eat them to be honest.). Okay, anyway i still went with my family because i think family time is important and i went because of the delicious dinner we were be having.

My outfit. It's been a long time since i last worn romper and this romper look like pyjamas.
But anyway, i still worn it outs because i lazy to change. 

To be truthful here, it's been quite a while since i last took a nice selfie.
Most of the time i just wear until really simple or the outfit totally don't match.
I also wear glasses and no makeup on. 
Even when i went poly, i still no motivation to dress myself up. 
True friends don't care how you look, remember that! 

With my brother. 
We both hate going to Chinatown.

Happy kids is us alright! 
You guess it right!
Waiting for foods! 

This is the fish plate! Because this fish was so nice i have to mention it here.
We ate at Chinatown coffee shop for your information. 
This particular stall that sell this fish dish is super delicious!
Something i don't understand is they don't have a lot of customers.
I swear this stall is better than the famous stall since i tried it. 
The stall of this fish is 02-204 and 123 is their stall name. 
Go try if you go there, you won't regret it and thank me later ;) 

Pictures below was what we ate. Bought from various stall hence i have no idea which was from which stalls. 

The vegetable not nice.......Especially the sauce. Gosh! 

Here is the Chinatown views~

That's all! :D 
After that i was so happy that i finally reached home :P 
You know, bed is my bae ;) 

PS: Have been really stress lately. Pardon me. 
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