Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daiso Eyeshadows Review :)

Hi human! Technically speaking, this is my first time doing a Daiso makeup product review! So i hope my review will help you in some way or another. :)
Feel free to ask me question or give me suggestion on improving my review. :) 

So here is the product that i bought! If you are wondering, i bought this eyeshadow palette at Rivervale Mall - Daiso! I really love the packaging (combination of gold and black, my favourite colour combination!)  as well as the colour shown! 
The reason that i bought this palette is because i just can't resist the temptation to buy because the colour shown is so pretty and i want to see how it works since it was inexpensive, only cost $2! It doesn't hurt to try isn't it? :P 

It comes with an applicator as seen below.
 To be honest, i love how the applicator is in different shape and size. 
In my opinion, i think the left side of the applicator suit for applying at the eye socket/crease area/inner corner of the eyes while the right side of the applicator suit for applying the whole eyelid. 
The applicator feel a little weird. Instead of the normal spongy kind of feel, this applicator feel like silicon. 

Anyway, here is the eyeshadows! 
I actually smell it because i quite particular about smell.
And i have to say it smells unpleasant. 
It smells like medicine in my opinion.....or maybe i should say the smell of a really old makeup.
But i have to be honest, i bought this palette about years ago so i'm not really surprise about the smell.

So here is the pigment of 1 to 2 swatches. 
I apply this swatch using my finger. (The applicator that comes with it work too but i felt that finger work better!)
For your information, i just swatch on my naked hand. No primer and no foundation! 
It glides on smoothly and feel smooth too!
As you can see, it was surprisingly pigmented! 

After that, i try to blend the eyeshadows lightly, like how i will do when i applying eyeshadow on my eyes. 
The colours faded and leave glitter everywhere! 
And yes, i forget to mention that this eyeshadows contain glitter. (Personally i love the glitter :))
This eyeshadows was powdery instead of creamy, hence does not need to warm the product!

After a few more blend! Can't really see the colours anymore.

It was super easy to wash off the product!
 I just wash it with tap water and the eyeshadows completely come off :) 
Hence, easy to remove!

In conclusion, the eyeshadows will not stay on the eyelid throughout the day. 
Personally, i will not buy it again but it was fun to try out different colour at such an inexpensive price. 
For a $2 product, i honestly feel that the outcome was not too bad! 
That's all for my review :) I hope it helps! 
Thanks for reading :)

PS: Poly start tomorrow. Wish me luck! Won't be blogging that often...........but i will try to find time! :) 

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