Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Favourite Beauty Guru/ Youtubers :)

If you know me, you will know that i always watch youtube videos. Like legit every single day i will watch without fail! I watch any types of video except you know.....If you are thinking dirty.. yeah.... Anyway, in this blog post i just want to share with you my favourite youtubers :D And yes, mostly i watch ALL their videos! I probably will split this into 2 or 3 posts because mainly i have too much favourite youtubers under the beauty categories.
PS: The youtubers i listed down below is not in order!!! But to be honest, those with some description is really really my top top favourite youtubers. How i wish i know them in real life!

So let's start shall we! :D 

Beauty Channel:


Oh my god you guys! The first video i watch from bubzbeauty is "5 min school makeup". That video was like 5 years ago and that was when i first hook on makeup! So yah, ever since that video i watch every single videos of her! That also mean i am a fan of her really really long! I watch her video when she was still at Northern Ireland to when she move to Hong Kong to when she first introduce Tim to when she married and now she have a child!
Oh my god is that a sign that i'm old?? Hahahaha :D
I simply just love her videos!
Instead of only doing makeup tutorials, she also have videos about nail art, haul, girl talks, hair etc.

Michelle Phan

The first video i watch from her is "Natural looking makeup toturial" and that was like 7 years ago....
Gosh, i swear this is a sign that i'm old.....
Love her video even though she change quite a lot!
But i don't care! I'm still a fan of her and still watching her videos until this day!


I can't remember how i know her channel......Maybe some youtuber like her video and i noticed it. I have to say i really love the way she speak. The way she speak is hilarious (in a good way) without trying and i can see that she have a really fun personality!
She is someone that straightforward. And oh my god, i love die her story video!


Somehow, i always fall in love how youtuber speak! In my opinion Weylie is like a sister like what she mention. You can see that she is someone that dare to talk about anything. Words cannot phrase how good she is, she is basically an awesome youtuber!
Somehow i just feel that she is really real on the camera. Like how i should phrase it......She is someone that will not act and will show her true self infront of the camera.


Come on! Who doesn't know her? She is the queen of review! I swear her review of cosmetic items is really helpful! If you ever want to buy any products, you should check her videos first! It is really informative!


Hand down! I honestly think she is the queen of editing videos! Her videos is always on point!
You can see that she spend a lot of time and effort editing the videos!
Her videos is always really colourful and i super love her DIY and outgoing personality!

Bethany Mota

Love her editing skills too! She always incorporate a lot of beautiful footage/scenery and she always put blooper at the end showing how much she was having fun while filming! She recently even interview the president Obama! Oh my god, jealous much!


To be honest, at first when i watch her video, she remind me of Bethany! Both of them are really similar in style and liking! Hence, it was no doubt that i like both of their channels! :D She is bubbly and cheerful! Love her personality too!
Some other youtubers that i watch~


-Meghan Rienks



-Ashley Nichole (She is Alisha Marie sister! Her videos is good too!)

-Maddi Bragg

-Bren Lui 大佬 B (She speak Cantonese by the way!)

-Vitale Style (Her videos about review/her favourite etc, she describe really clearly and very informative)

-Ingrid Nilsen


-dope2111 (If you are into cosplay, her video is the best! She also have other channel called "Promise Phan")



-Apriloves (Bubzbeauty sister :))

-Brooklyn & Bailey 

So yeah! That's all for my favourite beauty guru/youtubers! I'm pretty sure there were still more awesome youtubers that i have yet to discover! 
Anyway, Bye for now :D 

PS: The photos i post here was searched from google! Credit to their owner! 

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