Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Favourite Youtubers !!!

Hi human! Since i did a blog post basically talking about my favourite beauty youtubers, i decided to do another one! This time, i will be mentioning youtubers that do hair tutorials, vlog, cooking, dance cover, entertainment, workout, nail tutorials and blogger channels. I think this will be a pretty short post because i will not go in details as it was quite self explanatory. 

Hair Channels:
- Cutegirlshairstyles 
- Bebexo
- x3Haha

Nails Channel:
- Cutepolish (She create the easier yet pretty nail tutorials ever)

Workout Channel:
- Blogilates

Vlog Channels:
- Bubzvlogz
- WahlieTV
- Vlogbby11
- ItsJudysLife (She have another channels called "ItsMommysLife" and i have to say Juliana opening the egg surprise videos was so freaking cute!!!)
- StyleSuzivlogs
- TheGridMonster

Cooking Channels:
- Laura In The Kitchen
- OnePotChefShow
- Eugenie Kitchen
- Rosanna Pansino
- Ochikeron
- Entertaining With Beth

Dance Cover Channels:
- St319 Production Team
- Kaotsun

Entertainment/Funny Channels:
- Bubbiosity (Even though Bubzbeauty don't do this channel anymore, but it was good to look back and make me laugh!) 
- TreePotatoes
- JianHao Tan
- Jennxpenn
- rrcherrypie group

Blogger Channels:
- Speishi
- Naomi Neo
- BenRanAway
-Rachell Tan

So yeah! That's all for this post! 
Bye :) 

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